Gender Pay Gap Analysis

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Background Information Our social justice issue is focused on the gender pay gap in large corporations. This social justice issue is important in the community because it impacts women by disrespecting them, it makes women feel like they are not valued. Our central question is does pay equal respect? If pay equals respect then women are definitely not being respected. Society believes that men have that higher power so they should get paid more, this is a . It impairs the ability of women and families to buy homes and pay for college education, it limits their total lifetime earnings, savings, and benefits, which makes women much more vulnerable to poverty in retirement.This issue expands even into nonprofits as of nonprofits with budgets …show more content…

Additionally, we believed men deserved to have higher power by getting more money than women. After some research, we think it’s not fair that women make less than men who have the same education and the same job. In the long run, it can make it hard for women to support their families. We found out that the gender pay gap is a “complex issue with many causes”, which are often inter-related. It seems that the direct cause of this issue is discrimination. We also found out that inequality starts early; just one year out of college, college-educated women working full-time earned $32,000 compared to $42,000 for college-educated men working …show more content…

The gender pay gap isn’t something that only happens in developed countries, all countries have a pay gap is 0.051, at its highest in the country of Chile in the large scale of things we’re the 4th country with the biggest problem and personally one of the 10 states with the best pay gap ratio. If pay equals respect and since women will make a unequal wage compared to men that. America, the world and better yet corporations do not respect women whatsoever and it shows in the amount of money that they earn in their lives.

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