Essay On Workplace Discrimination

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In today’s society, no individual is free from discrimination. Discrimination can be defined as looking down on an individual or group because of sex, race, nationality or certain personality characters. Race, gender, disability, sex, age, religion, national origin, color, and marital status are the main features work place discrimination. It can also happen with regards to the terms and conditions of work for example salary, work hours, paid leave, promotions, work security and industrial health and safety. Workplace discrimination can be seen in all ranks of job and is it extremely expensive to businesses. Most corporations do not support this act because it is considered to be damaging and promotes disparities. According to (craig 2007), billions of dollars goes wasted annually because of work place discrimination or harassment. Work place discrimination can happen based on some features which are fairly different from workers performance. The damaging effect of this conduct can be high as it decreases job performance, productivity and exposes the organization to costly lawsuit. However, businesses that places more importance on equal opportunities in the work place are tactically competitive than those that are discriminative. According (Craig, R 2007), businesses that are said to be discriminative are in a competitive disadvantages because discrimination disregard all eligible workers who are skillful of contributing to the overall purpose of the business.
Appropriate ethics policies related to nondiscrimination issues
There are a large number of well-established policies associated to work place discrimination. These policies prohibit any form of discriminatory practices. Businesses are obliged to obey where policies against...

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Implementation steps for these policies
All corporations requesting to build a workplace atmosphere in which discriminatory conduct are not accepted can take several steps towards the reaching of this objective. Policies of all organisations should clearly stipulate rules against all forms of discrimination. Equal opportunity statement must be clearly stated and should protect any employee who raises concerns of discrimination. The prevention of discrimination conduct must be part of the service contract of all workers. The prevention of discrimination conduct must be incorporated in the service agreement. Corporations must educate its employees on the importance of all forms of discrimination and frequently prompt them about the consequences of it. There should also be numerous avenues in which complaints about discrimination can be addressed or handled.
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