Essay On Physical Therapy As A Career

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Physical Therapy as a Career Introduction Physical therapists are health care professionals that provide therapeutic services to their patients who have temporary or chronic physical conditions that were caused from injury or disease. Physical therapist also provided therapeutic services to patients after they have gone through surgery to help them gain back mobility and manage their pain. They can also work in preventive care by promoting healthy life styles and instructing individual patients or groups on preventing injury by using exercises that stretch and strengthen muscles. To help their patients try to recover they use massage techniques, wellness plans, and different types of equipment. When a physical therapist sees a patient for the very first time they must do an examination, evaluation, diagnosis, and then put together a physical intervention to start the rehabilitation process. They also work as a team with other health care professionals to help with their patients needs. Physical therapist can really make a difference in their patient’s lives by not only providing therapeutic services but also encouraging and motivating them so they can get better. The main goals of physical therapist are to help their patients retain or gain back lost physical mobility, eliminate or reduce pain, increase productivity and help promote a healthy life style so patients can have a better quality of life and become more independent. 2 They can work in a variety of settings such as nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, physical therapist clinics, sports physical therapist centers, and even schools. It does take a certain type of person to work as a physical therapist. A person interested in this field mus... ... middle of paper ... ...tlook is promising. Conclusions Since I now have researched all of the important facts about what it takes to become a physical therapist, the pro’s and con’s, information about current trends like the new health care laws, and learned about where the field is at today, I can now make a more informed decision about this career choice. At this time in my life I’m not prepared to take on the requirements that are needed to get into the DPT program. I am still interested in the field and since I can get a bachelors degree in any field to start the requirements for the program I may still consider this occupation as a career choice and pursue this more in the future. I do enjoy helping people and working hands and have always been interested in the health care field so this will be a great option that I’m now more informed about. 13

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