School Based Physical Therapy Essay

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The Purpose of this Paper:
The purpose of this paper is to explain the role of Physical Therapist in a School in providing indirect services (services which are not directed to children in the school) to teachers, parents, school educational staff, physicians, or any other service providers.1 The school based PT’s consults and educates them to help improve child’s physical environment, implement program planning, procure assistive devices, develop modification and accommodations for access and successful participation. 1 They even help integrate interventions and recommendations into child’s environment. 1 The PT’s also collaborate with other team members to facilitate wellness issues and disability awareness for the entire school population. 1
Client related consultation by Guide to Physical Therapist Practice:
According to Guide to Physical Therapist Practice 2, Client related consultation is a service provided by physical therapist where the service is not directly related to patient care and it is provided at the request of an individual person, any business, school, government agency, or other organization. 2
School Based Physical Therapy:
School-based physical therapy is provided as a related service, i.e., a service designated by the Individualized Education Program (IEP). 1 It was started so that the student with exceptional educational needs can benefit from their special educational program or access education within the least restricted environment. 1
Roles of School Based Physical Therapy:
• Physical therapists work collaboratively with school staff to determine and implement educationally relevant services. 3,9,10 They contribute in developing, implem...

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