Physical Therapy and Physical Therapy Assistant

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Imagine going up for the perfect lay-up, you make the shot but when you land you twist awkwardly and land on your knee. Laying on the ground, you feel the pain surging through your knee, the first line of defense is an athletic trainer, however if this accident happened when you fell on a wet kitchen floor you could expect much the same care from a physical therapist Athletic Trainers are the first to respond to sport related in game injuries, and provide care after injuries. In contrast physical therapist are not only there to fix accidental injuries, and treat chronic bone and joint they help with plans of care and rehabilitation for athletes and non-athletes after injuries. Physical Therapy play a important role in todays healthcare. Physical Therapy are experts of improving and storing motion , they contribute to their patients ‘ quality of life by keeping them healthy , fit , active and in medications . The first school of Modern Physical Therapy opened in Boston, MA , So Physical Therapy have been around for a long time. The Physical Therapy Association Organized by Mary McMillan. It later became the American Physical Therapy Association.World War ll brings changes to Physical Therapy was done at hospitals as patients recovered from injuries , surgeries or other ailments.

Physical Therapist plan out on how they going to help their patients and let them develop slowly, So the Injuries can heal properly. Physical Therapists have a assistant, So Physical Therapists Assistant work under of the Direction of a licensed Physical Therapist. The work of Physical Therapists assistants revolves around helping patients move , which means a lot of movement on the assistant part...

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...ical therapy help the environment around you injury free and provide for you the best way they can. Physical Therapy are all college graduates and must have passed a state licensing examination. A therapist have been licensed he/she can work anywhere. Therapist make you stretch. Physical Therapy is like a doctor. Sometime Physical Therapy ask patients to use bike , treadmills , and jog but mostly you exercises the injury area, physical therapy uses a lot of different techniques to help the patients get back to normal. Physical therapy massage injured areas and oversee the patient during stretching routines but most of the times therapist give the patient to exercise at home. Physical Therapy are caring people to their patients. Therapists teach you how to recover property from a injury.

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