Physical Therapy Career Goals

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The profession I will be going over is going to be Physical therapy. I will give you an overview of the job and that will consist of what they do, how much they get paid, and different types of conditions and symptoms. A physical therapist does a lot of things to help patients get back to what they normally do day to day before an injury. They do this by coming up with plans that helps to reduce pains and help restore movements and make goals for patients. They help by having a hands-on approach and being able to help with exercises and stretches they also massage muscles to help manipulate them to move. They also use different technology to help with anything that deals with the movement or that would restrict movement such as ultrasounds and electrotherapy. …show more content…

I will get my bachelors in this program which is bachelors of science in health and wellness. I will then get more education with more lab involved or more hands on experience to be able to move on to my next move which will be to enter a physical therapy program and I will be there for a few years. When I get enough experience, I will get my certification to be a sports physical therapist and help young or older athletes overcome injuries. Kaplan will help me by providing me with knowledge I don’t have and helping me attain my bachelor’s degree. With this degree, I will hope to use as a part of my resume to help in the long run. I will also hope to use this so I can enter the best physical therapy program possible to eventually get the best job in the desired area I will settle down at. In five years, I see myself entering the physical therapist world. I plan to be applying for my first physical therapist job and gain experience. If I do not get that far, I will still be doing education to further my knowledge in the career field to help me with possibilities for the best job I can

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