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During the interview, the Physical Therapist I conferred with was very thorough and straightforward in his responses to the questions that were given. I decided to interview another one of my mother’s fellow co-workers, Mr. Stephen Chan, considering his new experiences in the Physical Therapy field. I met with Mr. Stephen Chan at the Kaiser Permanente Outpatient Orthopedic Clinic that is located in Union City. The essential subject matters that we discussed consisted of his Major and Minor in college, the Residency Program that he takes part in, variations of attitudes, and advantages in the workforce. Unlike my first interview, we were able to schedule a ‘face-to-face’ meeting to provide answers to my questions. After we met, he led me to …show more content…

Chan answered the question, “What you recommend this job and why?”, by saying, “I would but it's dependent on who you are, if you are someone who likes to do investigation instead of being told ‘it is this’ but you want to find for yourself what it is and if you are someone that is active and likes to promote activity then I think it is you.”(Chan Personal Interview). In this occupation you need to preach your knowledge not by speaking but by moving your body. When the interview came to a close, my last question was asking what the advantages and disadvantages of being a Physical Therapist are. He described that the disadvantages include the patient care load and the paperwork (where he explained that you need to document your work or ‘cover yourself’ per say); for the advantages he interpreted that you get to preach an active lifestyle, become a detective when figuring out the diagnosis, get to gather evidence through different methods, and treat the idea of what you think the diagnosis is. When being a Physical Therapist, as a reward patients get to feel less pain and feel as if they are functioning better in life; where as I understand from being an athlete, “Movement is Happiness!”(Chan Personal

In this essay, the author

  • Narrates how they met with a physical therapist at the kaiser permanente outpatient orthopedic clinic in union city and discussed his major and minor in college, the residency program, and advantages in the workforce.
  • Describes how they were able to schedule a ‘face-to-face’ meeting to provide answers to their questions. the physical therapist led them to his private treatment room, which was clean and well organized.
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