The Pros And Cons Of Physical Therapy

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Now that you have a better understanding about Athletic training, I will explain about physical therapy and why I would like have as a lifetime career. In an article I read, the author Sue Klappa said that, “PT’s reach into our communities through engagement and social responsibility. It compels us to bring hope and love to others. It urges us to learn to see things differently. It holds the promise of defining moments, as we take the time to see things in a new light” (Klappa 2). Klappa is a physical therapist that traveled the world to help others and when she went to different countries. She learned how important physical therapist are in the medical field and how she can get others attention. Starting a career path in physical therapy can…show more content…
In this quote Jensen is talking about physical therapist willing to strive to enhance the health and well-being of all members of the society. Physical therapist helps with rebuilding the human body after a person has been injured, or any other reasons. I have had many injuries in the past that lead to surgery, such as my knee and elbow. As I began to go to physical therapy due to my injuries I learned a lot about the career. This career will always be needed to help people that are injured to regain their physical health. Physical therapy is a healthcare profession that helps others when someone gets…show more content…
I have learned a lot between these two careers through this researcher paper that I have a better understanding what interest me more. I believe physical therapy is more relaxed and calm environment for my patients and me. Some physical therapist has crazy work hours but most of them have regular 5 to 9 hours and come home to family members who worked in this particular field one became a respiratory therapist and the other is still in school working on her Doctor of Physical Therapy. They both tell me that they love their jobs. In a personal interview with my cousin Hayley Bayne Told me "It's a wonderful feeling to work with my others. I enjoy the challenge of keeping them motivated and I am always doing something different everyday" (Bayne). This job also has a lot of perks depending on where or what field you want to work in. Besides keeping in shape, if I decided to do physical therapy in the sports field there is a very good chance that I can meet all sorts of famous athletes. A physical therapist treats patients that are suffering from physical injuries or disabilities by use of properties such as exercise, heat, water, electricity, and massages. The physical therapist evaluates clients and chooses a type of programming depending on the results of their evaluation. Reviewing results from job search engines will be an excellent way to observe the range of positions in the field with varied work environments and

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