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Shifting Your Digital Gifting to Increase Employee Engagement Today, employee engagement involves empowering your team with meaningful work. It also includes attracting and retaining top talent to achieve your business goals. Research show that higher engagement leads to better job performance. Employees committed to the organization’s growth give their employers competitive advantages-lower employee turnover and higher productivity. That’s why your human resources team should be equipped with the necessary tools to implement strategies to increase employee engagement. Former General Electric CEO Jack Welch cites “employee engagement as the most crucial measure of a company’s health—more important than customer satisfaction or cash flow.”…show more content…
However, researchers are finding a connection between engagement and performance outcomes, making it a credible theory. Examine the image below to see how Maslow’s hierarchy of needs influences employee engagement. Image Source Engagement levels are not the only produce better job satisfaction and task performance but also more customer satisfaction. A study with over 500 salespeople in a Taiwan IT company and more than 1,000 of their customers found that “higher engagement levels predict better service performance, leading to long-term customer relationships.” Praise from supervisors and coworkers is an effective motivator. Yet, employee-of-the-month programs and insincere birthday cards are just not making the grade anymore. In today’s economic climate, recognition needs to be timely and visible. All levels of management need to be embroiled in the nuances of employee engagement. Digital employee recognition is sparking fires and becoming an important spoke in businesses’ strategic wheel. It’s the ultimate competitive advantage: a thriving company with engaged workers. Key Takeaway: Employee recognition translates into job satisfaction and a productive team…show more content…
Digital recognition spreads easily through intranets, social media, and email. This improved communication results in projects, teammates, and ideas becoming noticed at all levels of the company. According the AON Hewitt study, “2013 Trends in Global Employee Engagement,” 60% of employees globally are considered engaged, while 40% are passively or actively disengaged. See table below. Image Source Web and mobile solutions can assist employers with rewarding and engaging workers. With digital rewards, recipients can receive their gifts online quickly. For example, companies can send rewards instantly without stockpiling merchandise. Digital rewards service providers offer several popular online brands, value denominations, and local currencies. Brands can manage and optimize the distribution of rewards with ease. Democratize their employee recognition systems by implementing digital systems. In a workplace recognition program, “taking a digital approach allows for personalization, faster turnaround, and streamlined administration” for your HR team. Key Takeaway: Experiment with digital gifts. Employee Rewards

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