Maslow´s Hierarchy of Needs: 5 Levels

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EXPLANATION OF MASLOW’S HIERARCHY OF NEEDS Physiological needs (survival needs) –These needs are the most important and most obvious because without them no human being can survive. There are the basic elements an individual needs to survive, they are the very first level of needs. These needs are the needs every individual needs to survive. These include the basic needs such as water, food, homeostasis, nutrition, shelter, air, clothing and being able to reproduce sexually for the formation of more generations. Water and air are the metabolic requirements of survival in both the human race as well as animals. If any of these are short in supply or this need has not been fulfilled the human body is not able to function properly resulting in death (Maslow, 1970). Safety and Security needs – These needs are a bit more complex and are relatively satisfied. Once the Physiological needs have been fulfilled then only can the individual start to worry about meeting their needs for safety and security. Safety of being safe is the feeling one gets when they know they are in no danger and nothing will harm them physically. At this level these needs become primary needs as every individual needs and wants total order and control over their lives as it contributes to each person’s behaviour. These needs include; finding a job, earning enough to survive the whole month with their expenses considered, living in a safe neighbourhood with no fear of being robbed or having one’s house broken into, access to government resources and access to health facilities. These safety needs also refer to financial security and feeling safe from harm in the workplace (Cherry, 2012). Love/Belonging needs (social needs) –These needs are also known as socia... ... middle of paper ... ...are taking good care of you and are doing all they can to make you feel comfortable, your family and friends visit you with flowers and other goodies to eat, they are then satisfying your need of love/belonging. The esteem level comes when the doctor tells you that you are fit enough to go home the following day, this makes you feel good, you are discharged and get home to your family and friends’ welcome home party, this leaves you feeling happy, loved and appreciated by all those around you. The last level is reached when the patient goes back for check-ups and the doctor tells them they are completely healed and may go back to work and may start going back to their normal daily activities. Most of the world is at the bottom two levels; only people like Albert Einstein and Nelson Mandela have reached the top level which is almost impossible to reach (Maslow, 1970).
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