Importance Of Recognition And Positivity

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Recognition and positivity go hand in hand. Recognition is a positive thing; there's no disputing this truth. It helps employees to be motivated and engaged with both the corporate and their role within it. It can take several forms and be expressed in an exceeding multitude of ways. It may also lead to a circle of positivity where recognised employees start to give due recognition back to their company only because they first initiated it. Several corporations are beginning to feel the pressure to enforce contemporary recognition programmes to make sure their employees are rewarded and become more and more conversant with them, thus embracing peer-to-peer recognition as a means to not only boost staff morale but to also benefit from it.…show more content…
We are also often more likely to confide in our equals in the workplace, and the team members we spend the most time with. Again this naturally means that peers rather than management are aware of any additional hardships, perhaps even place outside work, which make workplace achievements all the more remarkable. These are the sort of things that often inspire admiration and respect, and consequently drive peer…show more content…
As already mentioned it empowers employees and employers to feel that their points of view are important, and thus it is positive means of motivation. Recognition is also a very useful tool to provide interim feedback during the year, with very little management input required. Rather than employees or employers having to wait twelve months for an appraisal, they can receive very honest feedback from a genuine source. Which means that staff recognition doesn’t get forgotten about in busy periods when the pressure is on the management and time becomes a precious commodity. Be it to nominate a teammate in recognition of their hard work or achievements or to nominate your business towards all the strings they pull to make your work environment more enjoyable. These sorts of recognition programmes are easy to set up and run online, and once established it requires very little management input to keep them running. It can be designed to fit your company’s exact requirements and branding, and enable you to easily be visible among the industry's

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