Reflection Of Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs

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In this essay I will be discussing Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. I will unveil my understanding of the five stages as well as how I currently fulfill certain levels, and how I will continue to fulfill them through my career after graduation. After I cover all of Maslow’s levels I will explain how and why my future job is related to my self-actualization. Next, I will reflect on past events and people that have helped shape me and get me to the place I am now. To conclude this essay, I will summarize my writing and reflect on what I have learned about myself Maslow’s hierarchy of needs explains certain motives for people as well as their growth. When looking at these needs in pyramid form, the first level explains the most basic needs for humans. The utmost rudimentary needs are satisfying thirst and hunger. Once these basic necessities are satisfied the next level of safety is able to be focused on. After one feels secure and safely sheltered, it is time to focus on the need to love and feel love. The next step on the pyramid is to satisfy the needs of esteem. When one feels satisfied with themselves as well as recognized and respected by…show more content…
I am already a very independent person and receive no monetary help from others. I respect myself as well as know that I am respected by others for my achievements thus far in life. However, I do not think that this level is fully satisfied. Once I finish school and begin my career in nursing, I do believe that I will completely fulfill this level. I want to enter the field of nursing because I want to help people, specifically children. My big plan is to become a pediatric nurse and give these children the love and care that they deserve and need. This job will provide me with much more than satisfying the first three levels in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. It will give me a sense of accomplishment and fill my heart with joy to be able to help
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