Dangers Of Environmental Pollution Essay

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The environment is the most important thing for our life. The environment is the air we breathe, the water we drink and is everything we need for our life. But along with the dizzying pace of social development, people are facing with a problem created by themselves: Environmental pollution. This phrase familiar to humans to the point, much people see it as an obvious thing and forget the danger from it. Do you know? Not only on land but also in the sea is suffering to the threat of environmental pollution. The major forms of pollution including soil pollution, ocean pollution, water pollution and air pollution. In addition, the problem of noise pollution (noise) or light pollution are interested gradually.

Firstly, It is the amount of garbage we produce. Do you wonder if you know, the act of daily litter at the prescribed places are destroying nature? Two ways of household waste treatment are burned or buried. But the ratio of-of waste that contains plastic so large that when burned will produce carcinogens, dangerous to human life. So, dig pits big to bury garbage is the most common option nowadays. However, the landfill is considered the major reason causing soil erosion …show more content…

Most of them are plastic - enemy number one for the life of sea creatures. About half of the seabirds, 22% marine mammals, all sea turtles, and a long list of fish species are living around plastic waste - even exist in the body. The speed of human waste disposal is terrible, the middle Pacific has formed a "trash continent" with an area twice the United States. Besides garbage, oil is also the frightening threat to marine life. Estimated that one million tons of oil were transported successful, about one ton of oil leak. Oil covered around the body of the marine life, making them unable to breathe. For many birds, they will directly feed into the oil can cause

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