Causes And Disadvantages Of Air Pollution Essay

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Air Pollution is when a poisonous or a harmful substance is released in the air. There are many form of pollution but air is one of them, it only occurs when dust, harmful gases or smoke enters into the atmosphere and makes it hard for species like plants, animals and humans to live in a difficult situation because of the dirty air.Air Pollution is classified in two sections, invisible air pollution and visible air pollution.. Hence any substance that makes it difficult for the living things that need the atmosphere is air pollution.Humans have been undergoing air pollution ever since the industrial revolution.In order to understand the causes of Air pollution, it is divided into divisions. Primary air pollutants and secondary air pollutants:…show more content…
For example, if u paint a wall, the house will most likely smell making it hard to breathe. Effects of Air Pollution
One of the most popular effect of air pollution in the world is global warming. With increased temperatures worldwide, the increase in sea levels causes melting of ice and this causes loss of habitat have already signalled a disaster if something for preservation or normalization is not done it will affect the world even more. Species that stay in the ice area, they will be in the verge of extinction. The Paris Agreement is an international treaty, under which all countries in the world have agreed to do their best to reduce gases that cause global warming. The following are the major effects of air pollution:

Heart and breathing problems they create many breathing and heart conditions like cancer and other threats in the body, that is why children who are exposed through air pollutants are most likely to have pneumonia and asthma.
Acid rain
Acid rain is when chemicals like nitrogen and sulphur-dioxide are released into the atmosphere and react with the water vapour, and acid pours in form of rain. This is very dangerous because it destroys infrastructures and some buildings, and also dissolves the human
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