Ethos Pathos And Logos Of Ocean Pollution

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676 words

The article analyzed is “Oceans of Pollution” written by Dahr Jamail. This article indicates that the hush impacts of oceans pollution that made by humans. Plastic pollution and the phenomenon “dead zones” cause a great impacts of oceans pollution. There is plastic everywhere in the ocean which affected the marine life badly. In addition, the food chain is affecting fish fertility rates. This causes food security problem and affects coastal populations. The experts are concern about this issue. Furthermore, the author uses three strategies, logos, pathos and ethos to make the article more persuasive. At the end of the article, there are some solutions for tackling the problem of oceans pollution. The article indicates that the influences of oceans pollution that made by humans and caused by a phenomenon called “dead zones”. First of all, there is a great amount of plastic in the ocean which causes massive consequences for animals of the entire marine food web. On the other hand, “Dead zone” also affect Earth’s oceans. “Dead zones” can formed by many causes, such as natural causes, climate change, along human activities and industrial waste. These is a national problem and humans need to have some regulatory mechanisms. Therefore, it can helps the “dead zones” reduced. The author mentions that the US Environmental …show more content…

In some instances, a speaker’s reputation immediately establishes ethos. They are expertise, knowledge or experience. This strategy gives the audiences a reason for listening. For example, Dr Debora Iglesias-Rodriguez, a biological oceanographer, with the National Oceanography Centre at Britain’s University of Southampton said that the food chain are affecting fish fertility rates and this affects food security and coastal population. The author mentions that the pollution is having a huge impact on the oceans. Besides, it is urgent to be

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes the article "oceans of pollution" written by dahr jamail, which indicates the hush impacts of oceans pollution that made by humans.
  • Explains that ocean pollution is caused by a phenomenon called "dead zones". the us environmental protection agency (epa) can set limits on the amount of these pollutions allowed in the mississippi river watershed.
  • Analyzes how uses logos to demonstrate the thesis of the article by offering logical, clear and rational ideas. he quotes references of related ocean's pollution researches.
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