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  • Sustainability And Sustainability

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    Sustainability, as defined by academics in the late twentieth century is a process of meeting the needs of the present without compromising the future (Coyle, 2017), however as Carter and Rogers (2008) discuss, there have been considerable inconsistencies in published definitions. In a world of fierce competition bolstered by globalisation and modern technology the subject of sustainability in business and Supply Chain Management (SCM) has gained significant attention since being first discussed

  • Sustainability And Sustainability Crisis

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    A Global Crisis Name Institution Date In understanding sustainability, every human being plays an important role. Sustainability can be defined as how human beings depend on the environment for various needs while ensuring that what the environment is offering them, would not be depleted so that the future generation can also benefit. Sustainability is best simplified as everything that the human population needs from the environment so as to maintain their survival (ABC-CLIO, 2012). The

  • Sustainability And Environmental Sustainability

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    Environmental sustainability is making decisions and taking actions in the interest of protecting the natural world, preserving the capability of the environment to support human life and ensuring that humans use the environment in a way that does not harm the environment. It also questions how economic development affects our environment vice versa. Environmentally unsustainable activities (long term damage) include: Damaging rainforests and woodlands through logging Damaging land through mining

  • Sustainability

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    Sustainability Sustainability is a term frequently used by our leaders (and planners) but is often not questioned or defined. The root word sustain implies that it means making something last. However, what does it really mean to sustain something and what is it that we are talking about sustaining-- nature, our environment, our world? These are all very abstract terms themselves. Around the time the term sustainability arose, scientists had discovered a series of threats to our environment and

  • Sustainability

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    Sustainability is usually laughed at, global warming is not a “reality” right? Yet the fact is something is happening in our world, it’s catastrophic and devastating, and yet many turn away at the thought of becoming a sustainable society. Consumed with the here, the now and the growth of the economy; nations neglect the future needs of their children, grandchildren or even great-great grandchildren. Is it hard to become sustainable, yes but not impossible. It is profitable to become sustainable

  • Sustainability

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    Sustainability requires the interplay of other disciplines from the fields of science, economy, and social studies. The disciplines must function all together at a go, not in isolation. Once that is archived, sustainable development is also due to be archived. Philosophy is needed to be in practice in order to have an efficient way to approach sustainability. Mostly environmental sustainability is the one that is seen to be important, which includes the following aspects; water, energy, oil and other

  • Sustainability

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    What is sustainability? Why has this topic gained momentum in the past few years ? Does sustainable design methods only reap benefits or does it have a pitfall side to it? These are some of the questions that we are going to be discussing in this essay. Sustainability can be defined as an environmentally conscious design that has a minimal impact on the planet. As a result of external forces in the magnitude of global warming

  • Sustainability

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    Sustainability is one of the most controversial topics throughout the history, and as our society develop, we realize that being able to be sustainable is essential to survival of our race. The book Taking Sides: Clashing Views in Sustainability is a collection of articles on different side of various issues related to sustainability. In the book, Issue 8 discusses the ability of technology to deliver sustainability, and issue 16 and 17 discusses the sustainability of food and energy. While issue

  • sustainability

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    Industrial sustainability involves the “need to better understand how to respond to environmental, social and economic challenges and transform industrial behaviour,” as cited from It’s fair to assume that any qualified engineer could produce a product, but a better engineer will thrive to be more innovative and produce the same thing with greater efficiency. If resources are used carefully, the future generations’ share would not be

  • sustainability

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    Whether it is water, energy, food or natural resources such as trees, oils and minerals, it is been known that we are well into the overdraft as far as our carrying capacity is concerned. The major question now is can we move towards a healthy sustainability level, or have we gone too far? Environment Canada (2013) states that sustainable development is about meeting the needs of today without compromising the needs of future generations. It is about improving the standard of living by protecting