Effects Of Pollution Essay

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What is pollution? Pollution is a detrimental enemy to all species that walk on earth. It is a product of mankind carbon foot print on the environment. It consists of chemicals or particles in the air that can harm the health of humans, animals, and plants. Pollution occurs when pollutants contaminate the natural surrounding; which brings about changes that affect our normal lifestyles adversely. Pollutants are the key elements of pollution which are generally waste materials of dissimilar forms. Pollution disturbs our ecosystem and the balance in the environment. With innovation and development in our lives pollution has reached its peaks; giving rise to global warming and human illness. When raw materials, water, energy and other resources
Water pollution is also a major thing in the world because almost 60% of it is fishes. It occurs due to several factors; the industrial waste dumped into the rivers and other water body’s cause am imbalance in the water leading to its severe contamination and deaths. And the infamous Global warming is the emission of greenhouse gases particularly CO2 is leading to global warming. Every other day a new industries are being set up, new vehicles on roads and trees are being cut to make way for new homes. All of them, indirect way lead to increase in CO2 leads to melting of polar ice caps which increase the sea level and pose danger for the people living near coastal areas. Pollution can have an impact in our health not only affects people with impaired respiratory system such as asthmatics, but very healthy adults and children too. Exposure to pollution for 6 to 7 hours, even at relatively low concentrations, reduces lung function and induces respiratory inflammation and, healthy people during periods of moderate
The more trees we can plant the less pollution we get and more air than just having just a huge land and having abandon building taking up spaces. To solve water pollution is to conserve soil, the best way to combat soil erosion is to keep the banks of waterways well-covered with soil-retaining plants. Planting trees and certain other herbaceous plants can have a significantly positive impact on the mitigation of soil erosion. Some great plants that are useful when trying to control soil erosion are sage, buckwheat, and oak trees. This will help keep the water from soiling up and another way is that wrappers, bottles and other trash are unfortunately a common site at many well-used beaches and rivers around the world. It should be obvious that the trash from these places often ends up in waterways and can cause pollution. Plastics are in especially big issue when it comes to water contamination at beaches and waterways. Picking up litter whenever you find it is honestly the best, fastest way stop this type of water pollution. While it may not sound extravagant, the act of not passing by this pollution is a pretty powerful. Avoid plastic which some people lack or lazy to recycle because the consumption of plastic by humans to be

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