Case Study Of Kitkat

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Round 3 As the result, in round 3 our team (Blue) takes a place in the second. We did a better performance than the previous round because we sell a new product name (Boss) in the market that increases our profit. In the decision rationale that we decide in the first time we take the right decision also in this round include increase the competence and battery life for the product that make the company fast growth. For example, in previse round the competence is 129 while this round 164, and the battery life in previous is 130 but in this round is 167.The margin in Europe is 79% and in Asia is 75% that because increase in sales and customer demand in Europe more than Asia. In the market research we implement a strategic price for our product (Boss) best than the first product (KitKat), we put a less price for Asia customer than Europe that because the demand and the demographic such as income. For instance, the price in Europe for product (Boss) is 1000, but in Asia 899 that is good decision. In addition, our new product (Boss) is the bestselling inside our company in round 3…show more content…
The competence for KitKat was 95, the Boss was82, Queen was 80 and 97for the Q One. We choose a good rate for the battery life to satisfy our customers KitKat was 63, Boss was 99, Queen was 90 and Q One was 90. It’s showing KitKat is lower capacity than other products and the best was Boss, Queen and Q One .these products was marketed in Europe and Asia . The price of product in Europe for the KitKat product 999.0, the price of product Boss was 1000.0, price of product Queen was 1050.0 and price of product Q One was 1015.0. In Asia the product price different than price of the product in Asia. The price of product KitKat was 1199.0, the price of product Boss was 899.0, the price of product Queen was 1000.0 and the price of product Q One was
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