Apple And Samsung: A Comparison Of Apple Vs. Samsung

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Apple VS Samsung
What is the best smartphone brand in the world? IPhone or Samsung? It is a question we are often asked. We all know that there are many high- class Smartphones Company in the market except Apple and Samsung, but nowadays people more likely to buy these two companies products and always like to compare them and trying to know which one is the leader of smartphones market. Most of people believe that Apple brought the smartphones revolution to the world and it changed “everything”, and maybe that is why Apple has more royal supporters than Samsung.
The most important part for smartphone is operation system and which gives the smartphone a “life”. The better operation system can make better features for smartphones. For example,
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Comparing the design between Apple and Samsung, they have some differences and similarities. Apple more focuses on simplicity than Samsung. Steve Jobs, was the CEO of Apple Company, always tell the employees that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. When you look at Apple products you will realize that there look really simple, clean and unique. IPhone only has very few colors, and most of them are black and white. Touch screen and three buttons on the side are pretty much everything on the IPhones. It does not have too many different series and most of the Apple products design very similar. Compare to the Apple, Samsung smartphones have many different series and designs. Customers have options to selects their favorite designs, colors or size among the Samsung’s…show more content…
In 2007, Apple designed the first touch screen phone and it was a huge change and after three years, everyone wants to buy touch screen phone and Apple became the super star of the smartphone market. Apple’s unique designs changed the definition of fashion in the smartphone world, sine then, apple become the leader of smartphone market.
Apple smartphones like IPhone 6s, IPhone 6 plus S, IPhone 6 and IPhone 6 plus are the latest and the most popular smartphones. The price range for IPhones are $549 to $849 in the United States of America. There are big telecommunication companies like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint offering very affordable contract price to customer and rapidly increases the users of Apple. It becomes very easy to buy Apple products in many countries. Samsung has more advantages than Apple in the European and Asian market. Because Samsung has wider price variant and most of the products are cheaper than Apples.
Maybe everyone has different answer for which is the best between Apple and Samsung. You cannot deny that Apple is leading the smartphone market and now Apple became the world most valuable brand in 2013 and still is. Apple brought the revelation, Apple created so many wonderful designs and products and now Apple products go into our daily life become a part of our life. It is important to be unique and irreplaceable, whoever can do that they can lead the
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