Case Study: An ERP Story: Choosing A Project Leader

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PJMT Team Assignment An ERP Story : Background (A) and An ERP Story : Choosing a Project Leader (B) Submitted by Group 8 – Akanksha Chaurasia (14S704) Arshdeep Singh (14S711) Gopidas D (14S715) Hitesh Takhtani (14S716) Rahul Ishwar Singh (14S744) An ERP Story : Background (A) Q 1. What are the project’s main characteristics and challenges identified by Jean Roberge? Ans: Jean Roberge was selected the Vice President of Information Technologies after the merger of ABS with the acquisition of two major insurance companies i.e. General Maritime Protection and Western General Insurance to make ABS as a chief pan Canadian insurer. As the merger took place there was a lot of ineptitude in field of operation, finance, HR and marketing & …show more content…

In your opinion, does the project have other characteristics or challenges that Jean Roberge did not identify that should also be taken into account? Ans: Jean has failed to consider a fundamental rule of “business as usual”. The manager level employees of all departments are cautious about status quo being maintained. In addition to this, Jean has also failed to account the need for cross functional team. The repercussions of which will be in the form of increased pressure on him in making sure users of the software package implemented have right kind of expertise and qualifications to use. Apart from this, Jean has to also had a setback in transition phase of employees during merger of three companies. Haphazard gap analysis resulted in Finance department not being satisfied by integrated systems. The functional teams in the organization was at all-time low which might have created a rift between IT and other departments of the organization. The newly recruited project manager will be put to test to show cast the technical as well as organizational skills. An ERP Story : Choosing a Project Leader (B) Q 1. What should be the key points in the consultants’ presentation to Jean

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