Software Project Management: The Manager's View By J. Jurison

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Summary of Software Project Management: The Manager’s View by J. Jurison A project is a temporary grouping of resources to solve a one-of-a-kind problem. Organized approach was necessary to manage the complex interrelationships among a huge number of diverse tasks achieved by many different specialists. To get further understanding about software management, the fundamental concepts of modern project management and how these concepts can be applied to software development projects are discussed in this article. The important purpose of the conceptual phase is to determine the practicality of the project. Normally project life cycle can broke into four generic phases which are project conception, planning, execution and termination. There are…show more content…
Project manager are the one manages the entire project with directing and coordinating all activities to meet the objectives within the budget and schedule. The most important criterial of a project manager is managerial and interpersonal skills and with the level of technical knowledge will be helpful in his or her task. Then project manager can form a balance team with different personality types and structure them that fit the project which can lead to success or else it will bring negative impacts. In software development project normally use team structures like Isomorphic team, specialty team, egoless team and chief programmer…show more content…
Jurison, readers able understand the fundamental concepts that have applied in software development projects. There are illustrations like tables and figures to aid reader to get the clearer picture on manger’s view on software project management. The example given is simple and clear-cut. The best part is there are short summary or points given after or before the deeper explanation to ease the readers. However, the writer does not focus or give any impact explanation on implementation phase such as kinds of approaches that used in software project management. This is one of the basic fundamental that allows the reader to understand how a system is determined in a project. J. Jurison only emphases the ways of project control in implementation part. Therefore recommendation on the implementation approach have to be carry out by the writer to enhance the further understanding how project control take
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