Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Abstract ERP systems are meant to make companies and businesses operate more efficiently when they are not. The main goal for a company is to choose a vender that will give them the safest and easiest way to operate efficiently and achieve their business goals. What is ERP? • “An Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are software systems for business management, supporting areas such as planning, manufacturing, sales, marketing, distribution, accounting, finance, human resource management, project management, inventory management, service and maintenance, transportation, and e-business”.( Haag, Cummings, Phillips, S, M, A (2007). Mangement Information Systems. New Yory, NY: The McGraw-Hill Company Inc..) The ERP system allows a strategic flow of information between all areas within an enterprise in a consistently productive manner. • The purpose of implementing an ERP system in a company is when the company isn’t operating efficiently. Look at it like this, when your body is sick, you know you need to take medicine, you just can’t stand the taste. And in the same matter when your company isn’t operating efficiently, you’ve got to take steps to correct it. Most companies just fear the disruption, the learning, and the cost and the inconvenience of it all. “Another way to look at or understand ERP is cars have dashboards so the driver can get to where he or she wants to go. Airports have control towers to make sure everything and everyone gets to where they need to be. All of your typical individual machines have control panels so you can make them do what they are supposed to do”. (Jones, W (2006, 01). Roadmap to Fusion: Engaging Oracle Consulting on the path to your next business platform. Orcacle Corporation World Headquarters,) When you think about, it shouldn’t a business have the same kind of single point of control? Enterprise Resource Planning Software provides the level of oversight and control that is absolutely necessary for you, as a manager or owner, to make sure that all of your resources are all working towards the same goal. The hard part is choosing an ERP system that works for your company. No two manufacturers run exactly the same way, and similarly no two ERP systems run exactly the same way. So it’s important to research the product and the vendor to make certain that you select the right system for your business. You’ve got to have a system that fully integrates all aspects of running your manufacturing business, offers advanced features and options but is intuitive and easy to use so employees can grasp hold quickly, and adapts to the way you do business rather than forcing you to adapt to the software.
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