Business Innovation: Zappos's Culture Of Innovation

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Innovation Innovation is the machine that generates business opportunities in the market however, it is the Implementation of potential innovations that truly dives business to be remarkable (Wheelen, T., et al., 2015, p.9). Zappos’ culture of innovation, which many consider unconventional is its key contributor to success. Zappos business innovation also must include the concept of improvement, strategic choice perspective, proposes that an organization adapts to a changing environment, to have the opportunity and power to reshape their environment (Wheelen, T., 2015, p.11). Zappos idea of innovation is not just to do something differently, but to make customers experiences better.
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Strategies in the Holacracy, promote change within the overall culture and structure of Zappos, “Embrace and Drive Change”, promotes change from the bottom up promoting people who are in the front lines (Zappos.Com, 2017). Core Competency five, “Pursue Growth (program) and Learning (learning)”, is the growth and unpredictability faced by Zappos, which leads to a cycle of growth (Zappos.Com, 2017). According to Wheelen et al., a program or tactic makes a strategy action oriented (2015, p.20). “Do more with less” is a budget strategy, to achieve operational excellence, by improving all work and learning from missed opportunities (Wheelen, T., 2015, p.20). The Zappo’s website …show more content…

The focus on cultivating customer services is to ensure repeat customers, total quality management (Wheelen, T., 2015, p.292). Total quality management is an operational philosophy committed to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement, an intense focus on customer service where Zappos employees understand the existence of their customer’s needs (Wheelen, T., 2015, p.292,293). Zappos provided customer satisfaction through marketing strategy, free shipping on both orders and returns, and occasionally same day delivery (however, is no longer guaranteed) (Wheelen, T., 2015, p.216). Zappos uses the strategic choice perspective, which has allowed the organization to reshape the online retail environment through innovative management concepts (Wheelen, T., 2015, p.11). It is easy to see the strategic vision for Zappos when reading the ten core values (mission

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