Innovation: Barriers To Innovation

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Too often, the word innovation is bandied about out of context and with no justification - a buzzword, some might say.
Being truly innovative means doing or making something new. Lots of companies claim to innovate – think Dyson, Amazon, Tesla, Google – but very few actually do. There’s a simple reason for this: new ideas are hard to come by. Finding a new idea is like trying to find an unused name for your – a pop band; do you think “The Beatles” was their first choice?
Innovation can be a competitive edge that helps small businesses to stand out in the market, but it doesn’t work on its own. Being innovative is about doing something in a different way to make it better and more productive.
That is the reality of most businesses:
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We seek employees who can provide answers, not ask questions – but the problem is that innovation is in the…show more content…
We need to make sure that we give space for these people in our companies, and that we appeal to different people who lead us to question the obvious. These are people who want to look at opportunities and problems in a different lightway, that question without answers. Without questions, there are no entrepreneurs and no innovation.
To break down the barriers to innovation, we need to make room for the generation and development of ideas. An effective way to break down barriers to innovation is the celebration and recognition of innovative ideas and projects. Establish a prize for these ideas and register experiences of innovative projects, disseminating it internally and externally. Doing this and recognising the people involved will help to reinforce the message that innovation is recognized recognised and is part of success.
Some are born innovators, others become innovators after some stimulation, and some are not born with a capacity for innovation and are difficult to teach. To help people be innovative, we must encourage creativity from childhood and marry that creativity and curiosity to knowledge. However, it takes an entrepreneur to bring innovation to the
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