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Annotated Bibliography
Pasher, E., & Ronen, T. (2011). The complete guide to knowledge management: A strategic plan to leverage your company 's intellectual capital. Hoboken, N.J: John Wiley & Sons. This is an excellent and thorough research on innovation and strategic management. The book has clearly outlined the management strategies that should be put in place for a smooth running of business. The authors of this book went forward and gave detailed information on innovative ideas that should be used in the modern businesses. The book has not only given out the management strategies and innovative ideas but also how both can be integrated to develop business organizations. In the book, authors have indicated that managerial strategies
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The book has used peer-reviewed resources to enhance the use of professional approaches to innovation and management strategies by the readers who uses the book. The authors have given different management strategies and their practical application in business fields. As the title states, a strategy in business require innovative strategies for efficient development of the firm. More importantly, the book offers modern innovative ideas that need to be integrated with management strategies to develop modern businesses. The innovative approach provides a practical guide to the management strategies easing the execution of the strategies in the respectful environment. The book has given the strong relationships between innovation and strategies. These relationships are known to increase profitability in business organizations that use them efficiently. It offers how business managers can create successful value through innovation. Value creation in companies is done through examining untapped markets, clients ' needs and investing in new businesses. Therefore, this remarkable book helps readers in innovating and managing business…show more content…
Sometimes people invest in businesses, but they are unable to thrive through financial crisis when they arise. The book has used several examples to helps business managers to see through their institutions during financial depression periods. When business management uses various innovative ideas, it can be able to defeat market inflations that affect the business. Investing in many innovative ideas helps business to ship in profit from different sources. The sources of income mutually benefit from each other. Therefore, should one source fail it can be supported by others. The book has given various concepts in business management. These concepts help managers in collective decision making that propel business towards goals achievement. The concepts in the book also help managers and entrepreneurs in managing the workforce in an organization. The book has also given the concepts that help business stakeholders in investing in innovative ideas that can be well integrated with modern business. It has also given case studies that help the readers to have a deeper understanding of the management
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