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Most internships are good to have because they volunteer and help before they become an employee. Companies find interns from the interns coming to them. Corporations and companies get the interns because most interns want to look for good jobs they want, because most of them have college credits, and are looking for experience. Companies and corporations get interns because they are looking for a good record of good experience in the position they are applying for. There are many benefits for the interns. Although, internships are usually thought of as benefiting the actual intern, they offer the employer many benefits as well. Internships are great for the employer because of the help they give, costs they don’t have to pay for, usually, boosted credentials, such as: qualifications and they benefit from potential future employees.

The job above the interns, employers, gets lots of help from interns in lots of ways.


Interns help from anywhere form, building, cleaning up, and “specialized camps and summer-abroad programs”(Lab, 77). Interns make the employers job a whole lot easier. They don’t have to work as much as they would if an intern didn’t care to help. But the interns make sure they do, only to make a positive effect on the employer to hire them with more satisfaction. “Princeton Review got so many tutoring requests in the ritzy Hamptons this year that it had to rent a summer house to accommodate all the tutors.”(Labi,77). “Tony Bialoruki, 18, of Toledo, Ohio, was a caddy before trading in his golf clubs for a toolbox last summer to help build an orphanage in Guatemala.”(Labi,77)

Employers, companies, and corporations enjoy having interns around. Most of the employers don’t have to pay for interns to come and gain experience. They find it nice to have them come and learn, and have experience which makes the job easier and get better at the work they have for them. And companies can save money just for having an intern with great qualities work for them, and make the companies look good for what it deserves. “The job market is as strong as we have seen it in decades.”(Labi,77) On the other hand, “Wall Street, New York City, interns can earn up to $seven hundred dollars weekly, and sometimes get bonuses of $two thousand to $three thousand dollars”(Labi,77)

Boosted credentials benefits the employer by the intern’s qualifications such as, a college
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