Pesonal Experiences Gained from the Internship

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This paper focuses on the personal experiences gained from the internship while supporting the functions of Human Resources (HR) at the University of Texas at El Paso. The HR department provides a variety of services to all Staff, Faculty and Student employees. Throughout the internship, knowledge and skills have been obtained in the specific area of employment and recruitment. Personal experiences such as; conducting criminal background checks, and E-verify reports which verifies an employee’s eligibility to work in the United States were the typical daily functions of the internship. Interning in the HR department has presented exceptional opportunities that will help fine tune practical skills and gain professional experience while pursuing an undergraduate degree


Before graduating one of the biggest fears was wondering what would happen after graduation. Only having theoretical knowledge in Human Resources just isn’t enough in today’s competitive job market. As luck would have it, during a Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) meeting, this opportunity was made available to the members of SHRM. This was an excellent starting point in order to gain work related experience therefore an application, resume and cover letter was submitted to the manager of employment and compensation. Out of all the candidates that applied and interviewed for this position, I was chosen for this position.
For the past year and a half, this internship has provided opportunities to apply in class theory with real world applications. In addition to honing those specific skills, it has also provided the ability to identify personal strengths and weaknesses while attaining valuable skills. The roles and responsibilities regardin...

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... it has provided the ability to establish a professional work ethos as well as developing skills needed to maintain a work life balance. Through all the experiences gained from this internship, it has provided skills such as multitasking in a fast paced office setting, keen organizational skills, and improvement on communicating in a professional workplace as well as the ability to handle situations as they arise.
This internship has provided an ability to match the experiences and knowledge in a more practical way compared to other business students. No amount of gratitude can truly exemplify the overall satisfaction obtained throughout the duration of this internship. Much appreciation goes to all the HR professionals working at UTEP; they provided an enriching learning environment and set of skills that are needed in order to be successful in a HR profession
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