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An internship is a formal program to provide practical experience for beginners in an occupation or profession. By this point in my internship I am more than half way through it and taking on more and more responsibilities and positions as I go along. After a minor break from researching, I researched for three more hours on the Victorian memorabilia project. I found out companies who made postcards and when the Sanborn map company emerged. Once I was done I wanted to prepare more for physical archiving, so I trained two more hours with the Past Perfect disk. Tomorrow started my first experience with archiving. On my first day of archiving I worked with Barbara and Sandy. We filled out data entry sheets and I finished two books within two hours because we were all learning. Each book must have two sheets filled out on it, one being a data entry form and the second being a condition report on the book. These data entry sheets were made to correlate with the Past Perfect archiving program. Once done with the data entry sheets we would copy the number we assigned the book on to the card inside the book and then file the books back on to the shelves in numerical order. So through the Past Perfect training disk and all of us working on the book sheets we became experts at data entry. Second day of archiving I worked with Barbara and Ardienne. We got a total of twenty-five books done, which I finished thirteen of those books. I trained Ardienne how to fill in the data archiving book sheets and I checked to make sure she filled them out correctly. The books we archived will be reference books, which will later be used in a library the Milford Historical Society is planning to have. Some of the books were directly related to Milford, while others were archaeology books. On the third day of archiving with Susan we archived eleven books in total. I taught Susan how to fill out the archiving book sheets. We came across some books we think were accessioned or archived before, which meant they were catalogued already. Thus, we left them on the table in a pile so on the desk till we could solve figure out where they would be shelved.

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