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  • An Analysis of Impulse Anti - Perspirant and Sure Anti - Perspirant Advertisements

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    An Analysis of Impulse Anti - Perspirant and Sure Anti - Perspirant Advertisements Introduction Although these products, Impulse anti - perspirant and Sure anti-perspirant are very similar, they are advertised in very different ways, each, debatably, as effective as the other. Over the next few paragraphs I will analyse both adverts and assess their brand identities and target audiences. Impulse anti - perspirant advert This advert is very simple, with an eye-catching image of a woman

  • Not Sure

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    America grows every day. Not the land mass, the mass of the people. Almost thirty six percent of all Americans are obese (“Obesity and Overweight” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). This number increases daily. This condition causes a myriad of health issues. If Americans do not change their lifestyles, as soon as the year 2037 there could be more obese, unhealthy Americans than healthy Americans. The percentage of obese Americans rose 21 percent from 1980 to 2013 (“Prevalence of Overweight”)

  • SURE Personal Statement

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    Participating in the SURE program is an excellent foundation for me to expand my experiences, build knowledge, and create networks with other researchers in a variety of fields. As an undergraduate researcher, I appreciate how researching provides context and application of the concepts I learn in my science courses. My learning in and out of the classroom is enriched by my ability to apply knowledge and make connections in a hands-on manner. Every time in the lab, I gain more knowledge, run experiments

  • David Ives' Sure Thing

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    On the surface David Ives’ “Sure Thing” is a play about two strangers who meet, fall in love and live happily ever after. When analyzed in more depth, the play is actually about the struggle that exists between one’s desire to be an individual and the need to conform, to a certain degree, in order to be part of a couple. The play exposes and discusses the tension that exists between the value of being an individual and value associated with being in love. Love holds the promise that you will always

  • Sure Thing 'And Happy Endings'

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    Everyone in life wants a happy ending. In “Happy Endings” by Margaret Atwood and Sure Thing by David Ives, there is a common theme of happy endings. In “Happy Endings,” the theme is referred back to the happy ending throughout the story; whereas, in Sure Thing, the characters are trying to reach a happy ending through multiple conversations. The characters in “Happy Endings” are all striving for a happy ending; however, in Sure Thing, the characters receive multiple chances at attaining their happy ending

  • Malcolm Gladwell's The Sure Thing

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    In his article, “The Sure Thing”, Malcolm Gladwell argues that the conventional thought of entrepreneurs as ‘hot-headed risk takers’ is absolutely wrong. From Ted Turner to Sam Walton and John Paulson, Mr. Gladwell arrives at the conclusion that many successful entrepreneurs are not high-risk risk takers, but are instead merciless, careful thinking attackers. Many of them are not even taking risks- they simply see an opportunity presented to them that most others do not consider. They all consistently

  • David Ives Play Sure Thing

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    getting out of situations we are not necessarily comfortable in. In David Ives play, Sure Thing, we see that the main characters are struggling to hold an intriguing conversation with one another. Betty, always trying to find an easy way out of the conversation. Bill, always trying to find a way to start the conversation again. Bill, just wants to find the right combination of words to make Betty interested in him. Sure Thing does amount to more than just a series of fragments and failures. In the play

  • Crime Scene Investigating and Processing

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    of the call. They also need to be sure to record who made the call and what was said during the call. Lastly the police need to be sure to record the dispatchers name and or number. Police going to a call have to be very alert and watch for fleeing suspects, witnesses or victims and the way to the call. They have to record their route to the scene and their time of arrival. Police should always park away from the scene and the evidence. Finally they want to be sure to notify the dispatcher when they

  • Investigating the Effects of Sodium Concentrations Have on the Rate of Photosynthesis

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    these variables are listed below: · Light Wavelength · Carbon Dioxide (sodium hydrogen carbonated) · Temperature · Water All these factors will have to be kept constant except the concentration of sodium hydrogen carbonate to make sure that the investigation is a fair test. I have decided to investigate how the concentration of sodium hydrogen carbonate affects photosynthesis because other factors such as temperature and wavelength are hard to control or vary. I will weaken the

  • Wedding Speech Delivered by the Groom

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    Journey to this day that much smoother! Thank you both for your blessing I promise that I will make you proud and live up to the high expectations I am sure you have! Thank you for everything you have both done in making this day so special if it wasn’t for you I am sure I would still be saving. So far the day has been an amazing experience and I am sure it can only get better. I would also like to thank you on behalf of Isia for all the love and help you have given her over the years. I thank you

  • Ford

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    • Marketing department This department concentrates on making sure that there are enough cars to satisfy Ford customer needs. This department makes sure that the customer requirements are meant in every Ford car product. This department will also help the promotion and advertising of new car products. • Human resources This department looks as the recruitments of personnel for the Ford organisation. This department makes sure that the company has enough staff to run the company as a whole.

  • Hosting a Successful Barbecue (Actually a Beer-B-Q)

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    season. Now that you've picked a date and have your location, the real preparation begins. Okay, first major step is food. Make sure to account for any vegetarians in your group of friends. Boca Burgers or GardenBurgers are good choices for vegan and vegetarian party guests, as both products are made with no animal products. Now, for the real carnivores you're sure to invite, keep your patties at or above a quarter pound size. Even more important than that, however, is the fat content of your patties

  • Crime and Punishment - My name is Raskolnikov

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    Crime and Punishment - My name is Raskolnikov It is obvious that Raskolnikov did not kill Alyona. Nikolai did. He confessed, didn't he? Sure, sure, I know what you're saying: Raskolnikov confessed too. But it is obvious that his confession was not a true confession. Raskolnikov had seen Nikolai's true confession, and was so moved that he decided he'd like to try confessing too. And one must not overlook the Christ symbolism in the novel. Raskolnikov is the obvious Christ-figure; he's poor, he's

  • The Paperless(?) Office

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    disadvantage to having a paperless office is the issue security. How does a company make sure that only the eyes the document is intended for, are the only eyes that see it? Also how does a company know an electronic communication is authentic? Another issue is privacy. How does a company make sure that when an electronic communication is sent only the person it is intended for will read it? How does a company make sure private information does not make the evening news? 2. Are certain types of information

  • the Accident - Short Story

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    driver sat up straight in the front seat, checking over her shoulder every few seconds to make sure that her cargo hadn't fallen out. * * * * * She wasn't sure why she had done it, but the fact was, she had and she did not want to get caught. There was no way she could tell anyone, not even her best friend. What was she supposed to do? Go to the police? Tell them that it was an "accident"? She wasn't sure how you "accidentally" stabbed someone 6 times in the back. It had partially been his fault

  • Investigating Factors that Affect the Rate of Catalase Action

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    enzyme catalase, as it is simple to do in the laboratory, and will obtain easy to interpret results. Therefore, all the other variables will be kept constant to make sure the experiment is fair. Keeping the experiment fair: All of the variables with the exception of the concentration of catalase will remain the same, to make sure that the results obtained are not influenced by anything other than the concentration.

  • How To Change the Oil in your Car's Engine

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    different types of oils, 10W30, 5W30, and 10W40 are the most common. 10W30 is the most versatile oil out of them all. Begin by parking your car on a flat surface; make sure the car is in park position. 1.     Pop open the hood and twist the oil cap open. 2.     Put the wheel chocks against the rear wheels. This is done to make sure the car does not r...

  • How Osmosis Affects A Potato Chip

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    tube - Keeping the starting weight of the potato the same to begin with - When removing the excess water of the potato make sure all excess water is removed but without squeezing any water out of the potato - Keeping the temperature of the water the same - Use the same type of potato (grown from the same potato) We will keep the experiment safe by making sure that all the test tube racks are in a suitable position so they wont easterly be knocked over. Preliminary results ---------------------------------------------

  • Osmosis Investigation

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    results and then repeat the experiment to make sure the results are correct and accurate. I will put different strengths of solution into five beakers and then put five equally cut carrots into the solutions. After five minutes I will weigh each of the carrots and then put them back into the beakers. I will do the same sequence every five minutes and record my results each time. I will weight them five times and then repeat the experiment to make sure my results are accurate and correct. Hypertonic

  • Humorous Wedding Speech - Written Guidelines from the Bride

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    because I’ve got a dreadful hangover and a splitting headache. You’d think I’d know better than to be out drinking in the early hours of the morning the night before a big wedding - but David’s a good friend (mate) and he needed some company. Now, I'm sure a number of the guys here today have been a best man at a wedding before, but I wonder how many of you have ever received written guidelines from the bride to be? Before I go any further, I'd like to explain that two weeks ago I received this email