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    Abortion: Are you for or against? Abortion is a major topic in the United States and all over the world. It is legal in the United States and some people would even say it is safe. There are many factors that go along with having an abortion. One of the first factors to consider would be to ask is it safe? According to research published in the most recent issue of the Southern Medical Journal women who abort their babies are significantly more likely to die afterward then a woman who delivers. Researchers

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    George W. Bush’s decision to make his first overseas trip to Mexico, in mid-February, has generated a great deal of speculation about what this could possibly mean for changes in U.S. policy toward Latin America over the next four years. It is clear that Mexico is vastly more familiar and comfortable for Bush than any other foreign country. In light of the questions raised about the former Texas governor’s foreign policy experience and competence during the campaign, it is hardly surprising that

  • Sure Thing by David Ives

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    The Play "Sure Thing" from David Ives examines the endless variations of boy meets girl and the ensuing pick up lines. The central theme throughout the play displays a few varieties of a possible conversation that end with a ringing bell that symbolizes a fresh start and a second chance to make a good impression. The swift conversations begin in a coffee house with the two main and only characters are Bill and Betty. From the beginning till the end of the play one can see a series of pick up lines

  • An Analysis of Impulse Anti - Perspirant and Sure Anti - Perspirant Advertisements

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    An Analysis of Impulse Anti - Perspirant and Sure Anti - Perspirant Advertisements Introduction Although these products, Impulse anti - perspirant and Sure anti-perspirant are very similar, they are advertised in very different ways, each, debatably, as effective as the other. Over the next few paragraphs I will analyse both adverts and assess their brand identities and target audiences. Impulse anti - perspirant advert This advert is very simple, with an eye-catching image of a woman

  • How Can We Be Sure That What We Are Taught About Jesus Is True And Not

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    Christian Scriptures are one of the most valuable tools we have to learn about Jesus there are also the Gospels, and also other non-biblical, and non-Christian accounts of Jesus’ life that we can consider when trying to answer the question How can we be sure that what we are taught about Jesus is true and not just made up? The Christian Scriptures is the entire Christian Bible. It is composed of both the Hebrew Scriptures and the Christian Testament. The Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) is composed of


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    The United Kingdom has turn into one of the key destinations for many immigrants who are seeking the opportunity to become new Europeans. In 2013, over 503,000 Immigrants travel to the United Kingdom from all over the world . As the European Union expands, the United Kingdom population has continues to increase with people traveling across land and by sea all in search of a better way life. As the influx of immigrants steadily began to rise so does the concerns for the future state of the United

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    America grows every day. Not the land mass, the mass of the people. Almost thirty six percent of all Americans are obese (“Obesity and Overweight” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). This number increases daily. This condition causes a myriad of health issues. If Americans do not change their lifestyles, as soon as the year 2037 there could be more obese, unhealthy Americans than healthy Americans. The percentage of obese Americans rose 21 percent from 1980 to 2013 (“Prevalence of Overweight”)

  • I Think I'm Pretty Sure I Remember What You Did Last Summer

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    I Think I'm Pretty Sure I Remember What You Did Last Summer After we ran over that old lady in Diego’s car, well things haven’t been the same. I still have nightmares of her chasing me with that handbag. I told them to go to the police but Diego didn’t want to be put up for manslaughter. I can’t get the image out of my mind. I knew we shouldn’t have dumped her body in the Port River. If Luke weren’t so pissed that night he wouldn’t have distracted Diego. Ben’s not the same anymore, he keeps on

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    shells arranged in a star formation. I bent down and picked one up. “What are you doing?” It came from behind me. My head turned. “Oh, I’m sorry.” I placed the shell back quickly and carefully as if it were never moved. “Why are you sorry?” “I’m.. Not sure.. I thought--” “Well what are you doing?” “I was just looking at this star.” “Why?” “I don’t know.” “Why are you down here?” “I don’t have a good answer for that.” “You don’t have an answer for much do you?” “Who are you?” “I’m afraid I don’t have

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    In these days of economic uncertainty, with our unemployment rate in Minnesota at “6.4%” (Current), it is nice to be able to invest into a sure thing. There is no bigger certainty than the NFL. By investing into a new stadium for the Minnesota Vikings, we are sure to reap in the benefits of this inevitability. There are many reasons of objections to this investment into the sports team that represents our state across the country. Many people just do not believe that the Vikings need the public’s