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  • Specialized Bicycle Components Inc.

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    This case study is about “Specialized Bicycle Components Inc.” known as Ride the Red “S”. Specialized was founded in 1974 by Mike Sinyard. According to Chris Murphy, director of marketing for Red “S”, specialized is for serious riders. He says, “The customer is buying the ride from us, not just the bike.” The company began to produce its own bike parts by 1976, and introduced the first major production mountain bike in the world in 1980. Specialized now has an extensive global distribution network

  • Specialized Courts

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    Specialized Courts “Specialized courts differ from traditional courts in that they focus on one type of offense or offender. Usually the judge plays an intensive supervisory role. Other criminal justice components (e.g., probation) and social services agencies (e.g., drug treatment) are involved and collaborate closely in case processing.” (Office of Justice Programs [OJP], 2008). High statistical correlations between offenders may demonstrate a need or possibility of specialized courts. These

  • Specialized Bone Tools

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    The article “Neanderthals made the first specialized bone tools in Europe” was published by Marie Soressi and her coauthors in 2013. This article examines the implications of bone tools that have recently been found in association with Neanderthal remains. Previously, such tools had only been found in association with modern humans. The results have implications for hypotheses concerning the invention of these bone tools. The authors' explore the implications that have arisen after the discovery

  • Professional Specialized Study

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    Professional Specialized Study Entry and the road for study into various professions in the U.S differ significantly from many different countries. Here you will get a general idea of requirements for medicine, dentistry, nursing, law and veterinary medicine. The bibliography contains information on some other areas and there requirements and professions. Dentistry study Dental study normally starts after completing 4 years of undergraduate study in the U.S. Undergraduate programs relating to

  • How to Perform Rhetorical Analysis

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    these are only some of the devices, and that authors may use other rhetorical devices as well. Word choice Denotative language. Words that relate directly to the knowledge and experience of the audience. Includes specialized, precise or familiar words that speak to logic. Specialized terminology from medicine or law speaks to doctors or lawyers. Precise language that shuns emotional coloration appeals to people who use logic and reason, regardless of profession. Connotative language: Words that

  • Colleges Are Moving Away From Liberal Arts

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    through scientific learning and experience. This is precisely the reason colleges and universities require and place much emphasis on these classes; nevertheless, there has been a shift away from the liberal arts towards the direction of highly specialized areas of science and business because of their growing integration in everyday life. Although people need a limited number of liberal arts classes to attain a basic understanding of ourselves and our evolution, state universities are aptly moving

  • Ancient Man, Clovis

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    survival of the species (things like medicine and modern farming techniques), but the people themselves change very little. Ethnographically, people like the !Kung bushmen are very specialized. In actuality, any and all of the remaining societies that have survived outside of mainstream culture must be very specialized. There are few places in the world untouched by civilized man (perhaps none at all), and the only places that have managed to elude him thus far are the regions that are generally unwanted

  • Stem Cell Research

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    they can theoretically divide without limit to replenish other cells as long as the person or animal is still alive. When a stem cell divides, each new cell has the potential to either remain a stem cell or become another type of cell with a more specialized function, such as a muscle cell, a red blood cell or a brain cell,? (National Institute of Health, 2004). In the face of prevention and treatment of human diseases, devastating illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, Parkinson?s and

  • Potential Life Savers

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    In an article, “The Ethics of Stem Cell Research, ” A stem cell can be described as, “Undifferentiated, primitive cells with the ability both to multiply and to differentiate into specific kinds of cells.” Meaning that researchers can procreate specialized cells of tissues thus giving a patient a chance to regenerate a fully functioning organ in place of a failing one without the cost, time, and struggle of a transplant. Research shows that, 2 “Stem cells obtained from 5-day old human embryos can

  • United Nations Reform

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    come under weighty circumstances. For example, the delegation of revenue to it's ramifications and the standard of which “who” will “maintain” a seat on the security counsil are two of the main topics. First off, financing the United Nations 15 specialized agencies, the UN itself, and roughly 9,000 staff members (of which 40% are of professional grade) with the “Regular Budget” is a problem that continues to be a major threat to the continuation of the UN for two reasons: Some of the larger industrial