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  • Employers and Employees rights

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    Employers and Employees rights INTRODUCTION: In this piece of course work I am going to describe, using examples from Shropshire county council, the rights of the employer and its employees. I am also going to explain using examples of how the they resolve the disagreements with its employees over rights of employment or working conditions. Then I am going to evaluate the extent to which Shropshire ensures that a good working relationship exist between the employers and employees.

  • Employee/Employer Rights

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    Employee/Employer Rights I am writing this coursework to explain the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees at Richer Sounds. I will also explain the procedures to deal with disputes and with health and safety issues that occur in Richer Sounds. First of all I will describe the main laws, which protect employees within businesses. All businesses/organisations must display details of the Health and Safety at Work Act in a prominent place. A legal requirement at work is

  • What employers are looking for in a job applicant?

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    What employers are looking for in a job applicant? Finding a job, whether it is the first, a return to work after years at home, or just another step in the career, is never easy. Most job seekers have a distorted sense of an employer’s priorities in making hiring decisions. Too many applicants put the emphasis on educational credentials and ignore the qualities employers seek with the keenest interest. What do employers look for in job candidates? What impresses them the most? Knowing what an employer

  • The Global Economy and the New Employee-Employer Relationship

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    The Global Economy and the New Employee-Employer Relationship The new global economy has forced a reorganizing of the American workplace. In times past the workplace provided job security, training and internal employee development to improve employee performance and commitment. The new revolution in employee-employer relationships has allowed companies to reduce costs, increase flexibility, and generally improve performance. But where the old structure protected employees, new ones emphasize downsizing

  • Marxism and Labour Theory - The Conflicts between Employee and Employer

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    Marxism and Labour Theory - The Conflicts between Employee and Employer 1. Introduction 1.1 Overview on the essay topic To organisations, employees (labours) are wonderful resources, because they are compact and multi-purpose, capable of simple manual tasks or dealing with complicated machines, most importantly, they are the profit maker for their employers. However, there is always a problem between employees and employer. Any attempt to manager in a humane way, by consensus, is doomed to failure

  • Employer Rights

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    Employers should have the right to look through personal information they find as public domain, and they can legally use it. An employer has the right to investigate your financial history, why not a public page of your private life. Social media is a gateway between privacy and a public bulletin board. If the personal posts are not monitored, and privacy settings are not set to friends only or private, then the information is fair game. It is always the responsibility of the people to monitor what

  • Rights of Privacy in the Private Sector Workplace

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    employment relationship, must be subject to some level of monitoring by the employer. However, this monitoring has its limits. Rights of privacy primarily are related to organizational invasion of a person?s private life and unauthorized release of confidential information about a person in a way that would cause emotional harm or suffering (2). It is the objective of this paper to find out what types of information employers know and what methods are being used to invade the privacy of employees

  • Family and Medical Leave Act

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    effective for most of the employers and employees covered by the act. The FMLA is designed to help employees balance their work and family responsibilities by allowing them to take reasonable unpaid leave for certain family and medical reasons, including serious health conditions that prevent the employee from working. Not only has the FMLA evolved over the years, but also the current application in the workplace environment is very complex for the employee as well as the employer. Over the years, FMLA

  • Disabilities Act

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    generous support of the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research EMPLOYMENT Q. What employers are covered by title I of the ADA, and when is the coverage effective? A. The title I employment provisions apply to private employers, State and local governments, employment agencies, and labor unions. Employers with 25 or more employees are covered as of July 26, 1992. Employers with 15 or more employees will be covered two years later, beginning July 26, 1994. Q. What practices and

  • Religious Discrimination

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    Cloutier v. Costco Wholesale     9 6. Religious Discrimination after September 11, 2001     12 7. Summary and Conclusion     13 7.1 Summary     13 7.2 Conclusion     15 1. Introduction Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits employers from discriminating against applicants and employees because of their race, color, religion, sex or national origin. Religious Discrimination as part of the Civil Rights Act is the subject of this term paper. Initially, I will give a brief definition