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I would be grateful if you would accept this letter as an application for the post of Assistant Headteacher at Welham. I believe that I have the required skills and experience to make a success of this opportunity and I intend, throughout this letter, to suggest ways in which my contributions would be of value to such a position within your school. Since my appointment to the Hillingdon School I have been afforded the opportunity to play an integral role in moving forward the ICT and Business Departments and the Technologies Curriculum Area. These roles, accompanied with the time that I have spent on the whole school ICT Development Group, have allowed me to build up a strong set of skills, experience and knowledge that has helped prepare me for a senior position within a very successful school. Indeed, my experience of working within a school that achieved the top grade in each of the Inspection Key Questions has provided me with an awareness of what is required for continuous school improvement and striving for educational excellence. I am a strong believer that the primary focus of any senior member of staff should still focus on Learning and Teaching despite being involved with the intricacies of strategic management. In my own roles over the last nine years I have tried to keep that mantra at the front of my mind. A strong leader, I believe, should be able to move things forward rather than being wholly reactive in dealing with day-to-day processes. I would strive to be a transformational Assistant Headteacher, constantly looking forward and shaping the future of learning rather than being purely transactional. I am confident that it is this that has contributed to the raising of standards within my own curriculu... ... middle of paper ... ...I recognise that these skills and attributes are vital to the role of a senior leader and I would welcome the continued development opportunity that the role of Assistant Headteacher brings in this area. In conclusion, I believe that I can offer a wealth of expertise and experience in contributing towards the continued development of a cohesive, dynamic and collaborative school that focuses on offering outstanding world class learning opportunities for all. I consider myself to be a good role model to students and staff alike and I am committed to leading by example. This, combined with my drive, infectious optimism and commitment to playing a full role within the school beyond those duties set out, make me a strong candidate for the post. I would welcome the opportunity to expand upon my application either through a visit to the school and/or at interview.

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