Leadership in Public Schools

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As a public school superintendent and educational leader, one is routinely required to wear many hats and take on numerous responsibilities. These responsibilities can be separated into the two categories of management and educational leadership. Educational leader responsibilities range from curriculum development, staff evaluations and professional development. Managing a school system include budgeting, facility referendum implementation and communicating to all of the stakeholders of the school district.

My constructivist, eclectic philosophy comes from experience and experts who have completed countless hours of research into various aspects of our field. The work of Wager, Danielson, Covey, Jacobs and Edmore, have helped shape my leadership style. My intent has always been to take the best from these experts and demonstrate that their philosophies and practices can be implemented in the real world, in real schools, with real children. Communication to and from my staff is imperative. Trying to implement what experts have suggested without communicating to my staff my strong belief and attitude about helping children achieve at higher levels would be a much tougher road to travel and result in falling short of our goals to aid children. My objective has always been to be humble, but be firm and unwavering in what I believe. All students can, will and must learn with no shame, blame or excuses for failure.

With my background as Supervisor of Curriculum and then as both principal and superintendent, I have a background of collaborating with teachers in developing and then implementing curriculum guides, curriculum maps, professional development plans and innovative programs. Establishing an instruction...

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... challenging. I have organized and instituted teacher and Board of Education retreats and workshops to establish goals and action plans. It has been my responsibility and background to align goals in a manner so that all units within an educational system or building work in unison for the betterment of the children.

As stated before, those many hats worn by educational leaders represent every aspect of the school you are morally, ethically and professionally required to move forward. Regardless of the responsibly, communicating ones deep-rooted belief that each students, regardless of race, gender, learning challenge and background, under your responsibility can and will learn trumps all other requirements. As the leader of a school, this belief must start with you and permeate the rest of the district and community to create and foster a preeminent school.
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