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Leadership Style
Since August of 2015 I have had the privilege of working with an incredible leader in Andrea Williams, principal of Theresa Bunker Elementary School. She is the epitome of a well-rounded leader who exemplifies all of the qualities of a leader as described by House’s path-goal theory of leadership. Mrs. Williams works diligently each day to create a productive work environment. She is direct when she needs to be and is extremely respected by her faculty as a fair leader. As I have observed her over the past two years I have seen her leadership skills in action. I have been extremely impressed with her drive, passion, fairness, supportiveness and ability to create a positive climate and culture that makes work a positive
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Williams. I was thrilled when I came to work here to find that Mrs. Williams is the type of respected but approachable leader that is my preferred leadership style. I am grateful to have her as my mentor for this learning experience, as I feel we match closely in leadership qualities. My strength as a leader is the supportive leadership style. Like Mrs. Williams, I feel that building relationships and a culture of respect and trust is key to being an effective leader. As a teacher, I spend a good amount of time at the beginning of each year building a rapport with students and families which helps me connect with the students. As a leader of teachers I feel that being supportive of my faculty and staff will be most beneficial in helping develop a productive work environment and develop a necessary level of trust with all of the staff under my supervision. I also want to be participative and achievement oriented. I have always had a drive to be successful in all I do. I am confident that this skill will carry over to my role as a leader. The one area I will need to work on is being directive when necessary. I am not always good at being direct and want to protect others feelings. I will learn from Mrs. Williams as I continue through this program how to be directive with faculty and staff, as well as disgruntled…show more content…
I feel that these two approaches match up most closely with what I feel are my own leadership qualities that have been developing over my 20 year career as an educator. I can see how these styles will work best to help create a productive work environment and offer the most psychological success to the teachers I may work with in the future. I also feel my drive and desire to be achievement oriented will be helpful in creating a positive team atmosphere in the school. Through my experience as a teacher I know that students thrive in an environment where they are encouraged to achieve more than they think they can. They work hard to meet the high standards I set as their teacher. I feel teachers do this as well. When an administrator sets high expectations for their school and faculty, they generally rise to meet those standards. I would say the most influence on my leadership style has been the example of the various leaders I have worked with. During the past 20 years, I have worked with nine principals that have all exhibited various leadership styles. Some have been extremely hands-off, shut in their office all day, completely unapproachable which leaves me feeling unsupported. This leadership style is completely non-participative and non-supportive. Others have been overly directive and micro-managed every aspect of
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