Applied Business Research Case Study

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The field of business management continues to evolve as organizations engage in the ever-changing global market. After years of unscrupulous corporate leaders managing and leading some of the world’s biggest corporations to failure, researchers and business leaders realize the need for ethical and sound leadership. The need for ethical and sound leadership helps to facilitate and manage daily operations and to sustain their competitive advantage within the global economy. However, with this evolution, numerous research studies add to the understanding of leadership theories and the effects on organizational climate and culture.
The following findings concentrate on research limitations, ethical standards, analysis of data and conclusions as they relate to the field of business management and research (Cooper & Schindler, 2011). Previously research conducted about leadership and management explained organizational culture and climate as employee driven behaviors with little regard to leadership styles. The research explained employee personalities and outside influences as determents to organizational effectiveness with no relationship to leadership style or management (Schneider, Ehrhart & Macey, 2012). These studies presented a plethora of findings, as well as management theorists who supported these theories and often placed blame on employees for company failures frequently praising managers for successes.
However, the question of leadership style enhances and stimulates an organization’s climate and culture remains a topic for further research. Currently, the exploration of leadership theories encourages leadership styles that focus on participatory engagement, embracing of teamwork and service before self, encourage t...

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