Communication in Leadership Is Vital to an Organization's Success

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Leadership is a communication process of a leader and individuals in which the leaders behavior or attitude directs individuals towards any goal effectively. It is widely believed that leadership creates the vital link between organizational effectiveness and people’s performance at an organizational level (Avolio, 1999; McGrath and MacMillan, 2000). The effectiveness of an organization depends upon the leader having an effective leadership style in order to effectively reach the goal of the organization; with it being one of the key driving forces for improving a firm’s performance. Scholars suggest that effective leadership behaviors can facilitate the improvement of performance when organizations face problems (McGrath and MacMillan, 2000). To effectively achieve leadership of individuals and organizational outcomes, four theories can be used; Fiedler’s Contingency Model, Hersey and Blanchard’s Situational Leadership Model, Vroom & Yetton Participative Leadership Model, and House & Dessler Path-Goal Theory.

In the contingency theory of leadership, the success of the leader is a function of various contingencies in the form of subordinates, task, and group variables. Fred Fielder advanced the first theory using the contingency theory of effectiveness. The main idea of the theory is that leadership effectiveness in terms of group performance depends on the proper match between the leader’s style effectiveness and the degree to which the situation gives the leader control. Fiedler created the least preferred co-worker (LPC) questionnaire to identify the style by measuring whether a person is task or relationship oriented. Where an individual with a favorable description, would have a high LPC score, suggesting a r...

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...blocks (Robbins). It increase acceptance of the leader by subordinates; level of satisfaction; and motivation to high performance, this benefits an organization where if workers are satisfied with their job it increases work performance, which increases productivity and can help with successful outcomes.

Leaders who fail to provide true and proper command, inspiration, motivation, and strategic vision for their company leave a battered organization. An incompetent or dysfunctional leadership team misleads others which results in poor performance for individuals and organizations, which leads to a failed business. leadership theories all help leaders to lead followers in a productive way preventing this increasing effectiveness and give leaders ways to help followers with paths to follow to reach goals for both organization outcomes as well as individuals.
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