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Ann Taylor, like many other fashion retailers, went through a period of decline during the economic recession in 2008 (Pearce & Robinson, 2013, p. 2–1). While many retailers were struggling the National Retail Federation suggested that these businesses try to focus on areas where their performance was lacking and improve those areas rather than immediately closing their doors (p. 2-1).
Ann Taylor specializes in quality clothing for the business minded woman as well as those in high social position (Pearce & Robinson, 2013, p. 2-4). Their mainstay is the “little black dress” called the Ann Taylor, which consequently is how the company got its name (p. 2-4). Ann Taylor’s target market is professional and social elite women between the ages …show more content…

This strategy, coupled with a hard look at their current pricing, would get their brand-name in front of more consumers.
There are a lot of young professional women entering the business world that would be interested in the professional look that Ann Taylor inspires. These young women primarily do their shopping online. They could provide enticements to encourage these online shoppers such as free shipping, paired clothing styles, a basic, interchangeable wardrobe or frequent shopper discounts.
Implementation for an online shopping site is fairly easy. Any reputable web designer could put together a user-friendly site that highlights Ann Taylor’s most collectible pieces. A well-designed website would not only attract the younger business women but it would increase customer loyalty by enabling ease of purchase and help expand their customer base through word-of-mouth. Today’s youth no longer look forward to all day shopping trips. They would rather stay home and shop online where their comfortable. It is the way the world these days.
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  • Recommends that ann taylor begin an aggressive online marketing and shopping strategy, coupled with a hard look at their current pricing, to maximize their assets.
  • Explains pearce, j.a., & robinson, r.b. strategic management: planning for domestic and global competition.
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