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Cliptomania: An Overview “The Cliptomania Web Store” is a case study which analyses the strategic challenges faced by the founders of The Santos, Jim and Candy, developed the idea of selling clip on earrings when they discovered an underserved niche in the market place and subsequently established Cliptomania, LLC. When the Santo’s family started the company in 1999 they had little competition and managed to create a stable business with increased growth, despite the investment of little start up cost and a somewhat limited knowledge of the industry. Although recent profits have decreased significantly, Cliptomania has remained profitable and competitive in the market place. Strategic Issues Faced The Santo’s…show more content…
It was a learning experience, but they eventually found wholesalers who would create them their own line of exclusive earrings. In addition, since the fashion market is a static industry they had to be cognizant of the ever changing trends. Candy’s and her daughter, Christy, who joined the business, had to change the Cliptomania Web page almost every day, adding new earrings and removing old ones. Although it is somewhat of a guessing game, by using the Web to help with stocking decisions and showing sales trends, Christy is able to monitor inventory and make appropriate adjustments. This works well by allowing them to show case new products and put others on sale which in turn encourages customers to make repeated visits to the web…show more content…
It was important for them to try new strategies but critical to realize when those strategies were not beneficial. Jim trialed site-targeting advertising but found that it was not profitable and discontinued its use. While switching in 2006 to NetProfits Internet Consulting as their new web server vendor to reduced cost, a change in URL to apparently caused confusion with the search engines and they failed significantly in relevancy rankings. Ranking returned to normal once they returned all content back to

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