Case Study: T. J Maxx '

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Fashion is important to women; whether it falls under the context of clothing, or how they decorate their home, fashion allows women to express their individuality. With today’s rise in fashion, businesses have to accommodate the demands of consumers by creating shopping strategies that keep the shoppers interested enough to keep coming back. T.J Maxx is one of the many businesses that serve their purpose in helping women achieve their fashion goals. By taking an open floor layout and incorporating it with a mixture between the newest fashion trends and home furniture, T.J Maxx builds an atmosphere that allows women to conveniently purchase quality merchandise for a fraction of the amount they would spend at other shopping stores. T.J…show more content…
A “Maxxinista”, a T.J Maxx associate, welcomes the shoppers with a bright smile, making them feel appreciated for their business. During the summer, the store incorporates bright colors that corresponds with the season, which they assign exclusive outfits: casual, sporty, date night and professional, in each display, T.J Maxx offers the shoppers an inside scoop on the latest shopping trends for the season. By incorporating these colorful displays in front of the entrance, not only does T.J Maxx provide customers with ideas on what to wear , but they also assist them with welcoming every season of the…show more content…
There is an assortment of furniture that also corresponds with the season. Each aisle here allows shoppers to personalize different areas of their home. During my analysis, I observed customers admiring an antique-style painting, which suits any living room at sixty percent lower than its original price, which encouraged them to consider purchasing the expensive furniture nearby. “If Jimmy Choo heels are on display, you’re lucky if there’s one pair in your size. This trains customers to buy it when they see it or it’ll be gone… And that’s a key point. Much of TJX’s appeal is selling what’s hot now, not last season’s leftovers,” according to Beth Kowitt, a writer at Fortune Magazine. If a customer is planning on spring-cleaning, they will find everything they are looking for in this section, but they have to think fast when they are shopping, so they won’t miss any good
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