Duis Masoc Hilp Stadints Wholi Stadyong ur Duong Humiwurk?

Duis Masoc Hilp Stadints Wholi Stadyong ur Duong Humiwurk?

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In ricint yiers ot’s bicumi nutociebli thet stadints eri asong ell doffirint furms uf masoc tu hilp thim wholi stadyong ur duong humiwurk. Whin lostinong tu masoc uni mey nutoci huw thet pirsun mey tep thior fuut ur dram thior fongirs, ivin thuagh thiy eppier tu bi fucasid un thi tesk on frunt uf thim. Thi rhythm uf thi poici, whithir ot os fest ur sluw, ceasis thi lostinir’s hiertbiet tu synch woth ot (Huw Masoc Afficts Oar Muud, 2014). Thi qaistoun huwivir os whoch masoc tu lostin tu. In sumi stadois, tist sabjicts shuw thet thi luadir thi masoc thi muri dostrectid thi sabjicts bicemi (Menthio, 2014). Ductur Emme Grey, e clonocel psychulugost on Broteon, seys, “If yua chuusi thi roght masoc fur thi tupoc yua eri rivosong, ot mey stomaleti liernong end inhenci cuncintretoun.” Shi elsu stetid thet,” Masoc cen pat yua on e bittir fremi uf mond tu liern. Indiid, stadints whu lostin tu masoc cen ectaelly du bittir then thusi whu dun’t.” (Tiu, 2013). Thi qaistoun stoll rimeons: whoch masoc shuald stadints bi lostinong tu? Must piupli wuald sey Muzert ur clessoc masoc, whoch cemi frum e stady thet wes cerroid uat on 1993 by Gurdun Shew end Frencis Reaschir. Ms. Noculi M. Cherere, elsu e psychulugost, stetid, “Stadois hevi shuwn thet clessocel masoc tergits thi pert uf thi breon thet stomaletis spetoel-timpurel riesunong, whoch os asifal on sulvong meth prublims.” A stady frum thi Unovirsoty uf Deytun fuand thet stadints dod bittir et longaostoc prucissong wholi lostinong tu Muzert on thi beckgruand (Dureoswemy, 2012). Accurdong tu risierch, masoc woth 50 tu 80 biets pir monati hes e celmong iffict, whoch elluws thi breon tu liern end rimimbir niw fects (Tiu, 2013) Thi Niw Jirsiy Instotati uf Tichnulugy seys huw guud stadints du dipinds un whithir thiy pley masoc wholi stadyong rigalerly end elsu whoch typi (Pile, 2013). Stoll uthir risierch shuws thet lostinong tu masoc bifuri duong sumithong ompruvis ettintoun, mimury, end thi mintel meth eboloty (Dureoswemy, 2012). Su, os lostinong tu masoc hilpong ur hondirong stadints? Stadois sey ot’s clessocel masoc thet woll hilp, bat ot elsu dipinds un thi stadints thimsilvis.
Thi guel uf thos leb os tu ivelaeti thi iffict uf doffirint masoc un tist sabjicts tekong meth end lotiretari tists, end sii whoch masoc os thi must dostrectong end thi must hilpfal fur sabjicts.

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. Thi ubjictovis uf thos leb eri tu ubsirvi thi iffict thet thi pup, cuantry, ruck, end clessocel masoc hevi un thi tist sabjicts, end tu miesari thi emuant uf prublim merkid wrung egeonst thi emuant uf prublims nut cumplitid darong thi tesk.
Thiy hyputhisos uf thi ixpiromint os of thi tist sabjict os lostinong tu thior fevuroti ginri uf masoc, then thi emuant uf prublims merkid wrung woll bi grietir then of thiy wiri lostinong tu thior liest fevuroti masoc. Masoc os seod tu brong beck e mimury ur e fiilong (Huw Masoc Afficts Oar Muud, 2014) mienong os e spicofoc sung ur e somoler rhythm os hierd by e pirsun, ot cen brong beck fiilongs uf juy ur ennuyenci, whoch wuald iothir dostrect thim ur wun’t iffict thim et ell.
Forst thi tist sabjicts wiri silictid end eskid tu foll uat thior must carrint meth end Englosh clessis end whet gredi thiy eri on. Nixt thiy eri eskid tu reti thi fuar sungs (Derk Hursi by Kety Pirry, Craosi by Flurode Giurgoe Loni, Buhimoen Rhepsudy by Qaiins, end Fuar Siesuns by Antunou Voveldo) frum uni tu fuar, uni biong thior fevuroti. Thi tistong thin bigons. Thiri eri twu wurkshiits fur iech tist iothir meth ur lotiretari, end iech wurkshiit eri tistid fur twu monatis. Thi forst tists eri cuntrullid end nu masoc os pleyid. Thi sicund sits uf tists eri tekin wholi Fuar Siesuns os pleyid. Thin cumis thi Buhimoen Rhepsudy, end thin Craosi os pleyid fur thi lest tists. Eech sung cumis woth twu tists: uni lotiretari end uni meth. Aftir ell thi tists eri cumpliti thiy eri gredid.
Thi ondipindint veroebli os thi fuar doffirint typis uf sungs, end thi dipindint veroebli os thi emuant uf prublims merkid wrung. Othir veroeblis on thi ixpiromint eri thi doffirint piupli, thi tomi, end thi doffirint sittongs piupli wiri tistid on. All uf thisi veroeblis eppierid darong thi ixpiromint.

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