Music in the Classroom

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Music is one of the specials in school that can be implemented in the classroom. In kindergarten through fifth grade, music can be used in the classroom to teach students the daily classroom curriculum. There are several ways that a teacher can implement music into their classroom lessons. Some of those ways are creating songs, or finding creative songs on YouTube or other music websites. As a future educator it is my job to use a variety of teaching methods, and one of those methods should be applying music in my lessons.
Teaching music is not an easy task. It is hard to teach children songs especially when used in the daily classroom curriculum. Thought there are a variety of methods that teachers can use when teaching students music. One of those few methods is the chunk and chain. This is where you start with one part of the song model it, have the kids repeat and then do the second part of the song and have the kids repeat that as well. Then after modeling the two parts of the song put the two together and sing the two altogether. The chunk and chain is a good method to use when making sure everyone in the class understands the lyrics in the song. As a future teacher I will definitely be using the chunk and chain method when teaching a song in my classroom. Another method is keeping a steady beat. When there is a steady beat everyone feels comfortable and learning can take place. When music is used a teaching tool the most important element is the steady beat. Students will look up to you as the teacher to keep the steady beat. An example of keeping the steady beat is playing an instrumental version of the song while teaching the lyrics.
In kindergarten and first grade music is a big part of the schoo...

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... at this age level that are age appropriate and song that kids will enjoy. It will be my job to convince my students that music is cool, and when creating songs not include much movement.
As a future educator it will be difficult to include music into the daily classroom curriculum but with the variety of methods it should be easier. Using the chunk and chain method will be the most helpful method in my classroom. This allows me to make sure all my students are understanding the lyrics of the song and if I need to repeat a line several times, I can. Music can be implemented in the classroom during silent reading, or during a science lesson. I plan on using music during my classroom lessons. I learn better when you give me a catchy tune to remember so, I am sure my students will love a catchy tune to remember. Music is an important key element to learning.
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