The Importance Of Listening To Music

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Listening to music take time and effort. When an individual decides to give music their complete attention, listening becomes easier. You mind must be acceptable to what is going to happen and your body must be willing to be in tone with the sounds. Although, I am not musically incline at the moment, so far I have learn that music have elements. Therefore, knowing the elements to music help with the procrastination of becoming one with music. The more that is being discover with music is the more intrigue you might be with learning on the topic. Aaron Copland said, “ one is always being told, as unarguable proof of musical person, that he or she can go to a show and then come home and play all the tunes on the piano” (Copland) . Aaron Copland also said, “That fact alone bespeaks a certain musicality in the person question but does not indicate the kind of sensitivity to music under examination here” (Copland). I am pretty sure that reading about a musical prodigy has…show more content…
Sheerly plane simply state that some business musicians will forget about the first two planes and is immovable to the world of arpeggios and staccatos (Copland, What to Listen for in Music). On the sheerly plane you must simply listen to the music nothing more are less need to be implanted in the sheerly plane. Furthermore, if an individual is trying to understand the concept of how to truly listen to music and learn to appreciate music you should become an active listener. For instance, being more conscious of what music is being played (Copland, What to Listen for in Music). Lastly, the element of music is very important. Rhythm, tempo, melody, harmony, and tone (Joseph Kerman). Now I must admit when I saw all the different element to music I was baffle beyond believe. I am the type of music lover who turn on the radio or I-pad and just start jamming to my favorite songs. Not once did I consider all the different element that were being incorporated to make the
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