Homework: Is It Beneficial or Harmful to Students?

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Is homework beneficial or harmful to students? Is so much homework given to students that it interferes with other interests that students enjoy? Does homework intervene with family time? Homework is school work that is assigned to be done outside of the class room. Though homework is often seen as a waste of time, it can also be seen as a way to help students to develop important skills that can be used throughout their life and to be successful when they decide to join the workforce.
Although homework may seem like drudgery, the hard work that is put into homework may pay off in the long run. In the article, “Does homework really work for students?” Jacqueline Carey, the mother of seventh grade student Micah Carey, stated that “homework gives [students] a good foundation for when they move on further in school” (Johnson). Not only that but according to Donyall Dickey, principle at Murray Hill Middle School, “if students do not acquire things in class, they will acquire them through homework” (Johnson). As we can see homework helps and prepares us for higher grade levels while in primary school that can possibly prepare us for college. It also helps us to remember the materials that were taught in class. Another reason homework can be beneficial is the fact that it can prepare us for tests and the dreadful pop-quiz that a teacher may randomly give us. This fact was proven, according to a 2006 study by Harris Cooper, director of Duke University’s Program in education, in the article “Homework or Not? That is the (Research) Question”. The studies instituted that “students who had homework performed better on class tests compared to those who did not” (DeNisco). Another compelling thing about homework, are the qualities a skills th...

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...supporters say. Homework is also important because there are many types of assignments that cannot be easily completed during the school day, proponents contend. Writing an essay and conducting a science experiment, for example, are both extremely beneficial ways for students to gain a more total understanding of a certain subject, proponents say, but neither assignment is easily completed during classroom hours. Such assignments must be completed at home to be effective, supporters argue. (“Update: Homework”)
In conclusion, we can see that the subject of homework has a lot of different views which makes it complex. We have learned about the advantage and disadvantages of homework and whether or not too much homework is assigned to students. Both sides of the issue are supported with studies, facts and opinions. Therefor your stance on the issue is yours to decide.
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