The Benefits of Music

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The Benefits of Music
Think back on a time when you experienced something stressful. How did you cope with it? Recall a time when you needed to relax. What did you use to help you? Chances are your answers involve music. The desire to play music while working, studying, or even relaxing is universal. Whether playing the music, singing along, or just listening, music can have many positive effects that aren’t often recognized. Music is unique in its ability to stimulate more than just one brain hemisphere, incorporating both the right and left sides of the brain. Because both sides of the brain are being affected, there are both creative and analytical benefits to making music part of daily routines. It’s no secret that listening to or playing music is enjoyable, but studies have proven that music can boost more than just your mood.
Listening to music releases dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is known not only for improving mood but also increasing motivation and emotional stamina. But the benefits that come from listening to music affect more than just the way we feel. Studies have shown that when listening to the right style of music at the right decibel level, students have been able to concentrate better. For studying purposes, this mainly applies to classical music. Many school teachers and professors argue that music is simply distracting, or so stimulating that it inhibits a student’s ability to focus. However, when classical music has few words, or as is often found, few English words, the mind isn’t as easily distracted by the meaning or idea of the song. In fact, what is sometimes interpreted as chaotic in classical music can provide a high enough level of exertion for your brain to comprehend, that it stimulates high l...

... middle of paper ... these kinds of music learning environments. All these benefits together have also been linked to longevity, as well as physical and mental health.

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