The Disparity Between Men And Women Essay examples

The Disparity Between Men And Women Essay examples

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All across the career pool, whatever field it may be, there is a disparity in the proportion of men to women in leadership positions that hold power and respect. This is even truer for women of color. One would think that within fields such as biology, physics and psychology, which are known for being innovative fields set on progressing human life, this inequality would be less prevalent. However, this is not the case. Even in the STEM fields, there is a serious lack of women in leading positions and a gap in the salaries of men and women when controlling for factors such as age, experience and position. Why this is of such great interest and a serious issue is that it is hindering society at the lowest and highest levels. Change is imminent and necessary for the sake of every organization and for society’s wellbeing as a whole. In addition, despite numerous studies having been done and the issue being raised on a multitude of occasions, there is still a disbelief that there is a gender pay gap, or that women are being systematically prevented from advancing in their chosen careers. It is vital that the information given be taken seriously and looked at with all guards down. Without that, there is no chance that the people in power, namely men, will be able to assist with the changes essential for equality in the workplace.
The article ” Let’s Expose the Gender Pay Gap” gives a brief overview of the current situation of equal pay for all genders in North America, and a possible solution. Through requiring that each major company with 250 or more employees to report the earnings of their employees, it would be possible to close the gap between genders and ethnicities in regards to the disparity in salaries for each minority group....

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...ious contribution to their development. In American society, and many parts of the world, women and men are socialized in completely different ways. Disparity in salary and movement within a corporation can be explained by the often-different expectations placed on each gender, stemming from the strict gender roles society used to prescribe to, and that remain to some degree. Some of these expectations whether they are true or not, are: that men are more aggressive and proactive in the workplace; and that women will not commit as much energy and effort to their careers, instead choosing to focus on life as a caregiver for their families. Along with these different expectations that limit women in growing within their fields, women deal with a biased view of the work they do produce, and being overlooked for work of the same caliber as any man in a similar position.

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