Equal Pay For Women Essay

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The Right of Women for Equal Pay

For many years in United States, equal salary pay for women has been a major issue that women have been fighting for decades. This began back in World War II, when the National Labor Board urged equalize the salary rates for women with the same rates that males were getting of the same professions. (Rowen) Although, traditionally most women do not work to provide for there family and there are not so many independent women during World War II. After World War II more women lost their jobs to veterans returning to the workforce. Women in the workforce after the war have been discriminated ever since. The idea of women as weak and cannot perform there jobs
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(Despeignes, and Dunne 06) In other words, men dominated majority of the companies CEO 's which influence the decision and implementation of having an equal pay to women. I bet the situation of the 10 companies that run by women are different than the rest. A Cornell University Study, by Francine Blau and Lawrence Kahn, showed that the pay gap had tightened as women gained more full time work experience and employers became influenced that women were dedicated to remain at their jobs. (Blau) In my experience, working in the financial institution for seven years, larger part of my work are senior female that works more than 20 years compare to…show more content…
Even with the Equal Pay Act of 1963, it is not very effective, benefiting women in the workforce. There are studies showing that women can do the same job as men or even better. More women are also getting more degrees then men and are shown to be more dedicated in that job field. There are also huge corporate companies that are being ran by women CEO 's. So what does America have to do to help women of America to get equal pay? America has to push the senate to vote for the Paycheck Fairness Act in order for equal pay for women to happen. Without that bill, American women will continue to work hard for less pay compare to

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