Comparative Analysis- Leadership Essay

Comparative Analysis- Leadership Essay

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Comparative Analysis
Leadership is lifting a person’s vision to high sights, the raising of a person’s performance to a higher standard, the building of a personality beyond its normal limitations. —Peter Druckerown. Have you ever wondered how a person became a leader? Over time, we have seen some of the greatest leaders lead there countries such as George Washington or even Nelson Mandela. We have seen some of the greatest leaders in sports lead there team to championships such as Ray Lewis, Michael Jordan, and Magic Johnson. What is a leader?
A leader is a person who helps guide a group of people to a common goal. He takes charge and control of any present situation. This person has a drive and determination that could make a job run smoothly. A leader is someone who takes responsibility and motivates other to reach their goals. A leader is supposed to motivate and inspires individuals to aim high and strive for excellence.
Leadership is a trait that very few people have in the workplace. Some people are born with leadership skills, others grow into leaders. With age, leadership can vary with the different styles that are portrayed. An example could be a manager who is in their mid-fifties. Leader’s in that age group can very demanding and strict. According to Gilbert, Collins and Brenner, the study showed that “older leaders tend to delegate more effectively than younger employees, while younger leaders seemed to be more attentive.” They are more developed in their skill and expect their routine to be the same on a day to day basis. Their time frames for getting the job done might be more critical than others simple because of their experience. Experience can dictate how fast and how well a job gets done. As you get older i...

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.... I would meet with each individual family and come up with an agreement. Each family should have been compensated at some amount for their loss. The check that was given to Diana in the amount of 5055.72 was too low. Dan also disrespected her by making it seem that the check would replace her husband. There is nothing in this world that can replace a life but a code of ethics, morals and values always take charge.

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