The Army Of 2020 : An Organization Essay

The Army Of 2020 : An Organization Essay

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The Army of 2020
The Army is an organization that has been around for over two centuries, and over the course of the last two plus centuries it has become an organization that is nothing like its inception. The United States Army was established in June of 1775. This organization is full of diversity and is willing to adapt to whatever the future may hold. It has made changes, solved problems and has thoroughly adapted with the changes in society. The Army is built up of roughly 490,000 Active Duty Soldiers, 354,200 to 350,200 National Guard Soldiers, and 205,000 to 202,000 Army Reserve Soldiers (Vergun, 2014). According to the United States Census Bureau, there are 321,368,864 (U.S. and World Population Clock, 2015) American citizens in the U.S.A, ergo less than 1 percent of American citizens are in the United States Army. The purpose of this paper is to conduct a holistic assessment of the United States Army and the opportunities and challenges is possesses. I have to give a basic description of the Army. I must explain the future trends it faces. Make recommendations on avenues that it can use to fix the organization. Lastly investigate how items like leadership ethics, problem solving, diversity management, and conflict management play into the company or organization.
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Organizational Structure
According to (2015), the United States Army is one of three military Department of Defense (DOD) departments (Army, Navy and Air Force), is composed of two distinct components: the active duty component and the Army reserve components. The Army reserve components are the United States Army Reserve and the Army National Guard (, 2015). The Army Reserve is ruled by the Government and the Army National Gu...

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...Army is built up of roughly 490,000 Active Duty Soldiers, 354,200 to 350,200 National Guard Soldiers, and 205,000 to 202,000 Army Reserve Soldiers. According to, the United States Army is one of three military Department of Defense departments, is composed of two distinct components: the active duty component and the Army reserve components. The Army reserve components are the United States Army Reserve and the Army National Guard. The army feels workforce diversity refers to the many differences in the Army’s employees, Civilians and Soldiers, which enhance the organizational workplace and provide to the complete mission effectiveness of the Army. Leaders must emphasize that the Army’s diversity is a natural element of their culture, and when acknowledged and respected, forms the underpinnings of an inclusive environment unique to the United States Army.

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