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  • A Soldier

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    turn my head and walk away. Yes, my chosen profession is that of a soldier. A soldier by definition trains to be proficient in war and in the ability to cause destruction in the most efficient way possible. Perhaps this is why the soldier is also the one who most hates war and fighting. It is he who must carry the burden, endure the hardships, the pain, and the anguish of being the bringer of destruction. This same soldier who after months of living in a hostile environment, surviving the manmade

  • The Soldier

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    older than the other soldiers who enlisted for service during World War 11. He was in his early thirties, but most of the soldiers were in their late teens or early twenties. Travis had been working since he was a boy, so he felt that he knew something about how the world worked. He enlisted because he not only felt it was his duty to do so, but he also was looking for adventure. He was a tall, friendly man, with a booming voice and a good sense of humor. Soon, the younger soldiers were coming to him

  • Soldier

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    If you are a solider and you have trouble making that distinction you will not be a solider for very long because you probably died in the first battle. Originally riddled with indecision, eventually replaced with bullets because of it. Part of a soldiers training is psychological conditioning, in which you are trained to hate the faceless enemy of your country, race, nation, origin, or religion. Is that hate justifiable? In most cases no, but it is still VERY necessary for a common solider, because

  • Dog Soldiers

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    Dog Soldiers is a story laced with despair, paranoia, and several other not so fuzzy moods, and this quote from the main character elegantly demonstrates this mood. The tone of the book was a point of interest and displeasure for me, since this was one of my first experiences with total negativity, it was a fun struggle for me to understand the point or the necessity of such an angry mood. At the same time it made me very uncomfortable, sometimes to the point where I would have to stop reading for

  • Citizen Soldiers

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    Citizen Soldiers From the beaches of Normandy to the German surrender. That is the length of the war that Citizen Soldiers covers. It talks about personal stories and experiences from the private on the ground to the generals at the top. The book tells of the trials and tribulations of fighting a war far away from home and in many cases little knowledge of what the objectives are and were the war is headed. The stories told in the book range from Lt. Waverly Wray’s assault on the German hedges the

  • child soldiers

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    through abduction. “During their abduction children may be beaten, raped, tortured, or forced to carry out acts of violence against family members to avoid being killed themselves.” (Machel p. 33) Once taken, children must choose between becoming a soldier or being killed. Children may also volunteer to join armed groups through desperation. Poverty and hunger are strong motivators; some children join simply for a daily meal and clothing. “Children may also volunteer because they are promised prestige

  • Letter to Soldier

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    Letter to Soldier When faced with obstacles in life, people rely on their family and friends to give them support and encouragement. Sometimes, family members can seem harsh and unkind, but their intentions are sincerely good. Mothers will always disapprove of their son’s choice in girlfriends, but she will shed tears of joy at the wedding. Fathers will never like their sons-in-law, but they still tell their daughters that they will find the perfect man. Thirty-year old men will always be treated

  • Becoming A Soldier

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    Becoming a soldier The clock was ringing so loudly, it was like he was actually screaming at me. I reached my hand and slapped it. I did not want the night to be over already. I knew that this morning would be very long and grueling, the morning that I have been waiting for in a great fear for several months. It was the morning I was drafted to the army. In Israel, every boy and girl who reaches eighteen have to join the army. It is mandatory and it is for a minimum of three years for boys and a

  • A soldiers Tale

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    You are on a small boat, cramped with scruffy men outfitted in full combat gear. Nervous and pensive they shift about, while you stand and wonder, “What the hell is going to happen to me?” Suddenly, an older man yells, “Get ready! We’re going in!” The boat slows down, and a ringing bell goes off. The front ramp slowly opens forward…and then all hell breaks loose. A hail of bullets rips and thunders, tearing up your comrades into pieces of flesh and organs, spewing forth the liquid of life. Yet you

  • Soldiers Carry Analysis

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    such a peaceful place? Well, it’s because each country has its soldiers to sacrifice their lives to protect the country, In other words, soldiers are exchanging their lives for peace in the country. In the story The Things They Carried, the author Tim O’Brien draws his own experience of fighting in the Vietnam War into the story. In the story, O’Brien lists the items that each of the soldiers carries, and sense that the items the soldier carry have their significant meanings and role for warfare. Therefore