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    Essays on the military, its history and traditions as well as more contemporary topics related to the armed forces are common themes in college essays.

    The United States military has played an important role in helping the country retain its undisputed position as the world’s number one superpower for much of the 20th century. The U.S. military is largely unmatched for its numerical as well as technological might.

    History of the U.S. Military

    The U.S. armed forces first came into existence in 1775 under the command of George Washington. Over the course of two and a half centuries, it has helped the United States achieve independence from Great Britain, determine the outcome of the American Civil War, and play a pivotal role in both World Wars as well as a succession of international conflicts.

    The armed forces, as they are popularly known, consist of the Army, the Navy, the Marine Corps, the Air Force and the Coast Guard. These branches have active personnel that work full time for the military.

    Branches of the Military

    The Army is the largest branch of the military; it fights on land using troops, tanks and artillery. The Air Force came into existence as a separate entity, distinct from the Army, in 1947. It fights using various types of aircraft and is also responsible for military satellites in space. The Navy uses battleships, including aircraft carriers, to protect U.S. interests all over the world. The Marines is an amphibian military force and operates both on land and water. They are often the first soldiers to enter combat. The Coast Guard enforces border laws, helps with ocean rescues and monitors the coastline of the United States.

    The Army National Guard and the Air National Guard are reserve forces of the military and partially operate under state authority. Unlike active personnel, reserves only train on weekends but can be called upon to join the military in times of war.

    The President of the United States is the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces. He is assisted in this task by the Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

    The military essays listed below focus on various aspects of the U.S. armed forces and its branches.

  • The Importance Of Military Leadership In The Military

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    peace or in war; his actions should be oriented to secure a better future for his outfit – the present will take care of itself. This requires a constant reiteration of the timeless requirements of good leadership with clear understanding of future military milieu, and its ramifications. The present leadership styles are inadequate and are considered to be not very effective

  • Benefits Of Military Service In The Military

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    Compulsory military service means that it is mandatory for people to serve or they go to jail. The United States has what is called Selective Service, this means men must register within 30 days of their 18th birthday. After registering, men will be called in for the draft if needed. Men over the age of 18 will be called in to service and fight in the ongoing war if there are not enough personnel. Though the draft has not been used since 1973, it is a low-cost insurance policy for our country. Women

  • Military

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    Thank God for our military A Soldier, a Sailor an Airman and a Marine got into an argument about which service was the greatest. The arguing became so heated that they eventually ended up killing each other. Soon, they found themselves at the Pearly Gates of Heaven They meet St Peter and decided that only he would be the ultimate source of truth and honesty, so they osked him: "St Peter which branch of the American Armed Forces is the best?" St. Peter instantly replied: "I can't answer that. But

  • The Military: The Role Of Women In The Military

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    Military studies are relevant to women's history, because they serve to illuminate the extremely demanding conditions under which women have successfully served in, or in support of the US Armed Forces. An improved understanding of this facet of history serves to inform the contemporary debate over women in the military and provides a useful field of study for women seeking to enter the profession of arms. Throughout history woman have fought for many rights, because they felt as though they should

  • military

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    to manage, and to defend itself from other countries. In order to defend or protect the country, since being in a very strategically important region, Turkey has to have a military. Turkey has a mandatory military service which is the price that a citizen pays for the benefits that society affords him. However, mandatory military service is not the only option for Turkey. By having volunteers to join in the army only, Turkey can own stronger and more professional army. The volunteered soldiers will

  • Women in the Military

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    In Women in the Military, Janette Mance explores the debates and problems faced by the increasing number of women involved in the military. After examining issues such as pregnancy, sexual harassment, and rape, Mance concludes that as a society we must continue to strive for gender equality. From the storm lashed decks of the Mayflower to the present hour, women have stood like a rock for the welfare and glory of the history of our country . . . and one might well add: unwritten, unrewarded, and

  • Women in the Military

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    Do you think the military is fair to everybody? The military is an organization that is set- up to save the world; the director of defense has lifted the ban on women right in the military, so everyone will have an equal chance. This paper will state why the military lift the ban and was it a right choice. The military is not for everyone. For example, you have to pass certain qualification in order for you to get in. To name a few, you have to be a specific age, citizenship, academic, physical

  • Women in the Military

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    active-duty Armed Forces of the United States. That figure is up from 1.6 percent 25 years ago (Christian Science Monitor 1998:20). In 1948, President Truman signed the Women's Armed Services Integration Act which formalized the role of women in the military. Under the law, each branch of the service was allowed to appoint one woman Colonel (Byfield, 1998:02). Now, there are numerous women who serve as Generals and Admirals. They comprise all components of the forces including serving in combat units

  • Women in the Military

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    I have chosen my persuasive essay to be focused on why women should be in the military. I chose this topic in order to get a full view on how women in the military are thought of. I have done some research and have learned a lot more then I originally expected. According to the U.S. Constitution, all men are created equal, this also includes women. I believe that a woman in the military is just as capable as any man. Some people will argue this because they feel as though it is not